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Laser Crusader Tank
Generals Laser Tank.jpg
Affiliation USA (Townes only)
Base unit Crusader tank
Role Main battle tank
Armament High-energy directed pulse laser cannon
Hit points 480 (580 with Composite Armor)
Armor type Tank Armor
Cost $900
Build time
  • 0:10 (with power)
  • 0:16 (without power), this unit cannot move away from the War Factory.
Produced by American war factory
Hotkey T
Ground attack 80 (Armor Piercing)
Cooldown 2000
Attack range 150
Sight range 150-300
Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone
Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png
Composite Armor
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training
  • Strong vs vehicles, building
  • Weak vs aircraft, anti-tank
  • Cannot function without power
Laser Crusader ready for engagement!
- Laser Tank rolling out from the War Factory

The Laser Tank (or also known as the Laser Crusader) was a futuristic replacement for standard US armour pioneered by Townes and his main battle tank (MBT).


Keep the power flowing!
- Laser Tank

Based on a Crusader chassis (and thus often dubbed the 'Laser Crusader'), Laser Tanks had turrets equipped with deadly laser weapons, most effective against other vehicles and structures. The tank fulfilled the same role as the Crusader in Townes' forces, costing the same for him to acquire.

Much of the technology behind the Laser Tank remains classified. It is still unclear why, if Townes failed to maintain sufficient base power levels, the tanks became entirely inactive (this is probably because a portable reactor for such a lethal weapon could not be developed yet, and thus required a stationary reactor. This could mean that Townes could also have developed a way to provide energy without using direct connection); or why the lasers are not accurate against infantry.


Laser cannon targeting set!
- Laser Tank


Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone The Scout Drone simply fed battlefield information to the vehicle crew, increasing their sight range and revealing nearby stealthed units. Costs $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone The Battle Drone was armed with a small machine gun to defeat enemy infantry, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Costs $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fired a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Costs $500.

Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armor.


Composite Armor installed sir.
- Crusader
Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png
Composite Armour This upgrade improves the armor of each Crusader. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $2000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training Allowed Crusader, along with all other USA units gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500



Power up the lasers!
- Laser Tank on the attack

The laser generated by the Laser Tank was more dangerous to enemy armor than even a standard 120mm tank shell. Only the Chinese Overlord could match the Laser Tank, and Townes' machine was far cheaper and faster. In large numbers, however, they were more than capable of decimating entire armored columns in seconds.

Laser Tanks are also fairly ineffective against infantry, needing support against rocket-toting infantry. Avengers are efficient for this purpose. Avengers are also a necessity to protect these tanks from air assault.

As with most US tanks, Laser Tanks, when in large groups, can even defeat Overlord Tanks.


Raising intensity!
- Laser Tank engaging enemy forces

However, it still had the same weaknesses as the standard Crusader, namely a vulnerability to aircraft and anti-tank infantry. In addition and as noted above, due to the need to maintain a steady level of power at the nearest base for Laser Tanks to be used, destroying enough of a Townes' power plants would not just shut down his base defenses, but also the Laser Tanks.

This vehicle is also the reason the Paladin tank is not used by Townes.

Selected Quotes

Laser Crusader ready for engagement!
- When emerging from the War Factory
Keep the power flowing!
- When selected
Laser cannon targeting set!
- When selected
Power up the lasers!
- When ordered to attack
Releasing energy pulse!
- When ordered to attack
Raising intensity!
- When ordered to attack


  • The tank shares some of its lines with the Crusader Tank, even the line "Crusader Tank responding". It does have several new lines (see Selected Quotes above), however. In quotes, the laser tank also refers to itself as a "laser crusader".


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