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Amplifying emission levels.
- Laser tank

The Laser Tank is the main battle tank of House Ordos in Emperor: Battle for Dune.

Game unit[]

The Laser Tank mounts a powerful beam weapon on a turret. With exceptional mobility thanks to its hover ability, the Laser Tank can sweep across dust bowls in its primary role of fast scything hit and run attacks. Its gun is highly accurate, firing a very fast pulse. This makes it effective, even against high-speed units and can be fired while on the move.

There is a downside to using laser weapons however. If a laser is fired at a shielded unit, the laser effect is amplified by the shields which causes a cascading chain reaction that will destroy both the shielded unit, and the unit that fired the laser.


When selected[]

  • Engines on maximum.
  • Powered up.
  • Laser tank operational.
  • Laser at full power.

When ordered to move[]

  • Destination received.
  • By your order.
  • Throttle to full power.
  • Moving to coordinates.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Targeting laser turret.
  • Locked on target.
  • Amplifying emission levels.
  • Enemy targets engaged.

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