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For the Tiberium Wars generation, see Laser turret (Tiberium Wars). For the Generals defensive structure, see Laser Defense Turret.

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The self-powered laser turret (designated simply as laser in-game) was the basic defensive structure of the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis. It was essentially the smaller, more versatile cousin of the mighty Obelisk of Light.


Its design is simple - a laser gun powered by an internal capacitor (meaning it remains active even if the power grid goes down), mounted on a flexible mount, lying dormant underground when not in use. Due to its relative simplicity, large numbers of laser turrets are often deployed to defend Nod bases.

The weapon is powerful enough to cut through GDI combat suits with ease and seriously damage Wolverine powered armour suits or knock their arms off. However, heavier foes such as the Titan are capable of destroying the laser turret from well outside its range, as the laser gun is limited in this aspect. Another weakness is that the turret is almost entirely exposed to weapons fire, making it easy to disable.

The Laser turrets anti-infantry role was taken by the more powerful shredder turret following the Firestorm Crisis while during the Third Tiberium War they are made to take on vehicles instead of infantry.

In-game building

This structure is essentially an arm with laser provision on its edge. It requires only a 1x1 tile to be deployed. Its laser consumes armour and health of a single target, unlike the RPG upgrade for the GDI component tower, which has less armour piercing capabilities. However, the RPG upgrade deals splash damage, while the laser turret does not.

Although laser turrets are shown to have a pop-up ability in the cutscenes, they are unable to retract underground in-game.



  • Effective against infantry and light vehicles
  • Cheap ($300)
  • Does not depend on power


  • Short range
  • Defenseless against air units


The majority of the turret itself appears transparent, as its colour was likely black (colour ID 0), which is used for transparency in the temperate and snow unit pallettes (unittem.pal and unitsno.pal) in Tiberian Sun (to compare, the equivalent in Red Alert 2 is blue).


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