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Operation: Last Call is the final mission in the USA campaign of Command & Conquer: Generals.


After a series of victories, the latest being against a GLA cell allied with a rogue Chinese army, US forces finally laid siege to the GLA capital at Akmola, Kazakhstan. The Chinese government authorized the US to make use of an abandoned Chinese military outpost in the area to bolster the attack. Intelligence also indicated the presence of GLA biological weapons in the city.

Key Units[]

CNCG Aurora Cameo Gen1 Overlord Tank Icons CNCG Tomahawk Launcher Cameo


Colt's Recon[]

Reconnaissance discovered that the GLA had heavily fortified the city. The walls were manned and GLA forces from the surrounding areas were withdrawing into the city and reinforcing the garrison. The battle began with an air strike on a SCUD launcher convoy approaching the city gates. Reconnaissance team "Colt" provided targeting information for the F-117s' ordnance. As the convoy burned, Colt came under fire from the city walls but managed to withdraw and rejoin the main force without casualties. US forces moved to fortify their defenses and also discovered an abandoned Chinese base to get it up and running again, allowing for a combination of military power.


The defeat at Akmola broke the GLA as a unified force. Although nominally serving the same cause, the resulting GLA warlords struggled to find a balance between cooperation and pursuing their personal interests.

While the US victory was significant, the Baikonur Cosmodrome remained firmly in GLA hands. As vengeance for the sacking of their headquarters, the GLA would use its rockets to devastating effect against the USA.


Be sure to immediately research the Capture Building upgrade, then send three Rangers in a Humvee to the south. Capture China's Command Center, Barracks and Supply Center for their arsenal.

Unlock Spy Drone, Pathfinder, Fuel Air Bomb and A-10 Strike (Level 3). From now on, periodically deploy Spy Drones to monitor enemy activity so you could respond to them promptly before they get to your base. The GLA AI will primarily rely on stealthed Rebels, Marauders, Quad Cannons, Rocket Buggies and the occasional Bomb Truck, but due to AI pathfinding issues most of them (barring the Quad Cannon) tend to prioritize attacking the Crusaders . Fill Humvees with Missile Defenders and one Pathfinder, then position them strategically around the base to prevent them from breaking through. Produce two more Chinooks - One for the Supply Piles in the USA base and the other for China, so your economy won't burn out quickly.

The SCUD Storm is indeed dangerous, but not as threatening compared to its appearance in Nuclear Winter as its timer is 3 minutes longer (5->8). The AI starts with none, and will place it at the southwestern corner. Put a Spy Drone there to keep an eye on it earlier on. When it starts building, send the A-10s as soon as you can, since enemy AA can potentially destroy at least two of them before they get there. Once they manage to destroy it, the AI will glitch and can no longer build more of them, removing a major hurdle in this mission.

If you ever find yourself running short on power, build Nuclear Reactors. Although Cold Fusion Reactors are cheaper ($800), they require a ($500, for a total of $1300) upgrade just to match the Nuclear Reactor ($1000) in efficiency

Build a War Factory and then their Tech structure equivalent (Strategy Center/Propaganda Center) for both factions. The Particle Cannon is the preferred superweapon here to eradicate GLA structures and their resultant holes, not to mention its shorter cooldown time, while the Nuclear Missile gives access to Nuclear Tanks/Uranium Shells, both of which can greatly improve the Overlords' performance. Park a few Overlords with Gattling Cannons and GLA units generally won't be able to pass. Purchase Subliminal Messaging at the Propaganda Center and produce as many Hackers as you can - They take a while to generate profit, but have a smaller footprint than USA's Supply Drop Zone and do not consume power. For Air Power, simply build a USA Air Field, then assign Comanches to protect the back of the USA base from Rebel Ambushes.

Attacking the enemy base will be a tedious task with all the enemy fortifications. Do not use Rangers or Dragon Tanks, as they'll be shredded quickly. Upgrade Overlords with Gattling Cannons and Propaganda Towers (purchase the Chain Guns upgrade if you haven't done so already) and use them to cover artillery units. Inferno Cannons should be used to remove Stinger Sites, as their projectiles cannot be intercepted and can also kill off the occupants. Tomahawks, with their excellent homing ability, should be used to target enemy SCUD Launchers and other vehicles. Raptors, Humvees and Comanches can be used to supplement your ground assault if desired.

Don't forget to speed things up with your superweapons, especially if pushing directly would result in major losses. Prioritize targeting the Arms Dealer at range, and optionally capture the nearby Command Center for GLA assets (specifically Quad Cannons). After that, carefully advance and lay waste to the GLA base in the southwest.


  • Jarmen Kell is seen in the intro, but does not show up at any point during the mission.
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