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In the end, all fall before me.
- Leang

General "Tigress" Leiong Leang[1] is a Chinese Class AAAA Dragon General stationed close to Tibet.


As a member of the PLA's Elite Forces, Leang is a flexible commander, leading a mixed military force that brings together the best infantry, vehicles, defensive structures and special forces operatives from the entire world. Her arsenal includes American troops, Chinese tanks, GLA guerillas and superweapons from all factions. She also has access to all three hero units.

General Leang is stationed at the Tiger's Lair, "somewhere near the China / Tibet border".


General Leang has a unique army drawn from all factions. Superweapons double as tech centers (the equivalent of Palace, strategy center and propaganda center) for the purposes of training advanced units.



Ground vehicles[]






General's Powers[]

One Star[]

Three Star[]

Five Star[]

General's Challenge[]

Main Article: Boss General Challenge

Suicide is not a tactic, General.
- Leang talking in better position

Leang's main base looks formidible, but it is more vulnerable than it appears at first glance. Her base consumes massive amounts of power for defenses and superweapons, the supply for which comes from power plants to the right of the deep ravine. The only apparent entrance to her base, a large bridge, is extremely intimidating, but another entrance to her base also exists under the bridge, leading to a supply dock behind the poorly guarded main entrance.

There are strategies in defeating Leang, such as fighting fire with fire, building superweapons of one's own and targeting large groups of power plants, or targeting concentrations of her units. One of the first encounters with her army will be rocket buggy attack across the eastern bridge. Later, Overlord-led land attacks will come across the northern bridges. Her general's powers should be feared, as she will use a Sneak Attack near the player's starting supply dock eventually or after constructing their tech structure equivalent (Propaganda Center/Palace/Strategy Center). The player should anticipate repeatedly rebuilding base structures and have a force that can react to internal threats. Leang should be defeated as fast as possible, since she will use Carpet Bombings and Artillery Barrages against the player if the fight takes too long, while being able to send wave after wave of units that will overwhelm the player's defenses.

Given the limited amount of land available in the player's starting location, it is advisable to rely on a superweapon-focused strategy. It is eventually necessary to expand supply-gathering operations to the mountainous land east across the bridge, which will result in a widely dispersed base that is difficult to defend and awkward to use.

Although arrogant and convinced of her enormous strength and advantages, General Leang is not above humility upon defeat. Unlike most Generals in Challenge Mode (and just like the AI players in Skirmish Mode), she will surrender to the player after destroying all her logistical and production buildings (like the Barracks, War Factory, air field, etc...), so these count as high-priority targets for the player to destroy, along with the Command Center (which allows Leang to send Sneak Attacks, and normal fully-leveled Chinese special powers, and rebuild her base) and her superweapons (which counts as tech-centers, allowing the production of powerful units, like Avengers, Overlords, and all of the heroes on every faction.)

Her superweapons, although intimidating, suffer strategic fatal flaw: they rely on special structures located outside her main base perimeter, and destroying or taking over one of them will reset the timer for all her superweapons. This applies to even the GLA Generals, who can do so with Rebel Ambush.

The countdown timer of superweapons differ on each difficulty: it is 12 minutes on Hard, 30 minutes on Medium, and 1 hour on Easy.


Starting Background Quotes[]

"Why do you run towards your own demise?"

"You are not ready to face me. Return when your training is complete."

"There is no shame in accepting your weakness."

"It is time for the dragon to rise again."

Intro Cutscene[]

Somewhere near the China / Tibet border

"The Tiger's Lair"

(A convoy of a Humvee and Crusaders if USA, a Troop Crawler and Battlemasters , if China, or Scorpions , if GLA, attempts to enter Leang's base location.)

(The convoy stops at a Chinese arch with a statue blocking the road.)

"Leave this place before you anger me."

(The front Humvee/Troop Crawler/Scorpion rolls over the blocking statue, then gets hit by a Particle Cannon, while the other surviving vehicles are finished by a SCUD Storm and a Nuclear Missile.)

"The might of China falls upon you."

"In the end, all fall before me."

(The cutscene fades away as the game starts.)

Unused intro[]

Somewhere near the China / Tibet border

"The Tiger's Lair"

(A convoy of a Humvee and Crusaders if USA, a Troop Crawler and Battlemasters , if China, or Scorpions , if GLA, attempts to enter Leang's base location.)

"Welcome, general. I hope you are prepared to face me." 

(The convoy stops at a Chinese arch with a statue blocking the road.)

"Your victories speak well of your ability, but my generals do not have my cunning or experience." 

(The front Humvee/Troop Crawler/Scorpion rolls over the blocking statue, then the whole convoy gets hit by 3 'Nuclear Missiles.')

"Soon you will see what it is to face the Dragon." 

(The cutscene fades away as the game starts.)

Specific Quotes[]

"So, I see that you decided to stay and stand against me. You'll regret that decision, general. Prepare to meet your end." (At the start of the game.)

"That Barracks is only the beginning of what you will need to defeat me, general." (When the player finishes building a Barracks.)

"You are wise to build a War Factory, general." (When the player finishes building a War Factory/Arms Dealer)

"You are foolish to build an Air Field, general. Only tanks can save you from me." (When the player finishes building an Air Field.)

"Your men are outnumbered, general. Do not try to make a greater Horde than China." (When the player builds too much infantry.)

"You cannot build more tanks than China, general." (When the player builds too many tanks.)

"We will match your planes in the air, general. Your superiority will be only in your mind." (When the player builds too many airplanes.)

"Your base grows large, general; right for a nuclear strike." (When the player's base becomes big.)

"Colonel Burton's exploits are legendary, but he is only one man, general." (When the player trains Colonel Burton.)

"I see you have corrupted one of our Black Lotus agents. Her training will not turn the battle into your favor, general." (When the player trains Black Lotus.)

"Oh, the sniper Kell enters our battle. Do not count on his stealth to save you, general." (When the player trains Jarmen Kell.)

"Hide in those buildings, general. Perhaps a Dragon Tank will come to visit you." (When the player attempts to garrison civilian buildings.)

"So many defenses. I see you have proper respect for your enemy." (When the player builds too many defense buildings.)

"You have taxed my resources, general. Now I will come and take yours." (When Leang runs out of resources.)

"You have exhausted your resources, general. It is time to admit defeat." (When the player runs out of resources.)

"Without power, you won't be able to defend your base, general." (When the player runs out of power.)

"You have allowed your power to drop, general. Pray, this isn't a fatal mistake."

"You have allowed my forces to subvert your defenses. Now, we will finish you." (When the player loses a lot of base defenses.)

"Your defenses are---pfft... inadequate, general."

"That Particle Cannon is a formidable weapon. But it cannot stop China." (When the player finishes building a Particle Cannon.)

"No! Your Particle Cannon will only injure us. We will not forget this, general." (When the player fires a Particle Cannon.)

"You are forcing me to answer with a Nuclear Silo on my own, general." (When the player finishes building a Nuclear Missile Silo.)

"We are immune to your Nuclear Missiles, general." (When the player fires a Nuclear Missile.)

"The SCUD Storm is a cowardly weapon, general. I thought more of you." (When the player finishes building a SCUD Storm.)

"Red Guard, scatter! SCUD missiles, inbound!" (When the player fires a SCUD Storm.)

"I claim this Oil Derrick for China." (When Leang's Red Guards capture an Oil Derrick.)

"Those resources are under my protection, general." (When the player attempts to build a Supply Center/Supply Stash near a supply dock."

"That Artillery Platform can be easily avoided, general." (When the player captures an Artillery Platform.)

"Seeking to increase your efficiency with that Oil Refinery, general? A solid strategy would've served you better." (When the player captures an Oil Refinery.)

"We sweep away your buildings like bamboo before a hurricane." (When Leang destroys a lot of the player's buildings.)

"A Factory cannot produce war, general. And now your War Factory produces nothing." (When Leang destroys the player's War Factory/Arms Dealer.)

"Your air field has been grounded, general." (When Leang destroys the player's air field.)

"Your base defenses fall before us like blades of grass." (When the player loses a lot of base defenses.)

"You have allowed my forces to subvert your defenses. Now, we will finish you." (When the player loses a lot of base defenses.)

"We've destroyed your Command Center, so... where are you hiding now, general?" (When Leang destroys the player's Command Center.)

"So many of your buildings have fallen that I would've expected you to surrender by now." (When Leang destroys a lot of the player's buildings.)

"Don't think you can destroy my Barracks without feeling my wrath, general." (When the player destroys Leang's Barracks.)

"I have to rebuild my War Factory now. You would be wise to exploit my momentary weakness. It won't last." (When the player destroys Leang's War Factory.)

"Dozers, rebuild the air field before our MiGs return." (When the player destroys Leang's air field.)

"My defenses are cracking! Repel the invaders!" (When the player destroys Leang's defenses.)

"That is quite enough destruction, general. Now it is my turn." (When the player destroys a lot of Leang's buildings.)

"You can claim my Command Center, but this battle isn't over, general." (When the player destroys Leang's Command Center.)

"We will avenge all those MiGs you've destroyed, general." (When the player destroys some of Leang's MiGs.)

"The price of this war is too high, general. Now it is time for you to pay." (When Leang suffers heavy losses.)

"China's infantry is plentiful, but too many have been sacrificed. Now, I will return your cruelty tenfold." (When Leang loses a lot of her infantry.)

"Capture all the oil you wish. You will not have time to reap the rewards." (When the player captures an Oil Derrick.)

"Something stirs at the edge of my base..." (When the player manages to infiltrate Leang's main base via stealth units.)

"I see you approaching my base, general." (When the player attempts to move towards Leang's main base.)

"You will not live to regret entering my base, general." '(When the player attempts to move towards Leang's main base.)

"Your forces may enter my base, but they will never leave again." '(When the player attempts to move towards Leang's main base.)

"Why do you insist on attacking from the flanks!?" (When the player ambushes Leang's main base.)

"Interesting attack, general, but it will not succeed against me." (When the player attacks Leang's units/buildings.)

"A brave attack, general, but bravery alone will not be enough to defeat me." '(When the player attacks Leang's units/buildings.)

"That is a fool's tactic, general." '(When the player attacks Leang's units/buildings.)

"We are approaching your base, general. What is your defense?" (When Leang's forces attempt to move towards the player's base.)

"Are you prepared for our attack, general? We shall see." '(When Leang's forces attempt to move towards the player's base.)

"Now we will begin leveling your base, general." (When Leang's forces attack the player's buildings.)

"Your flanks are exposed, general. Fatal mistake." (When Leang's forces successfully attack the player's rear (near the supply dock) via Sneak Attack.)

"If you are going to sell your buildings, why do you bother constructing them?" (When the player sells one of his/her buildings.)

"I must acknowledge this defeat. You have shown superior tactics, general." (When the player finally defeats Leang.)

Taunting Quotes[]

"Attack the fool. Take no prisoners."

"Two warriors meet on the battlefield. Who was to say, "Who will win?" I do, that's who: Me. You will fall, general."

"A fight that cannot be won is not worth fighting, so why are you here, general?"

"Rage will only get you so far, general. Now rage in a column of tanks. That will get you somewhere."

"You find yourself at the end of your rope, general. And only now have you discovered that the end of that rope is on fire."

"The dance of battle is strange and brief. And this battle with you has been... strangely brief."

"Ah, I see you haven't thought your strategy through. Pity."

"That is a losing strategy, general."

"You are not acting for the good of your people, general."

"I will give you a moment's pause, to consider your next move."

"A wise man knows when to retreat. Obviously, you are not such a man."

"In the end, all fall before me."

"You cannot stand against my might."

"China cannot be defeated by one man."

"We shall mediate and consider our next move."

"Do not commit to a tactic you cannot support."

"Suicide is not a tactic, general."

"Leave this place before you anger me."

"I can see what you are doing, general. I will not allow it."

"Run away from here, before I unleash the Horde on you."

"Your resources will soon be mine."

In a losing condition[]

"You will not defeat me this easily, general." 

"Your advantage will not hold."

"I will not be beaten by the likes of you., general."

"This is not the end, general. I will recover from this."

In a winning condition[]

"My superior tactics are leading to your defeat, general."

"You are losing this battle, general. Better to accept defeat honorably than to fight on."

"The end is drawing near for you, general."

"Why do you resist the inevitable, general?"

"The shadow of the dragon signals the beginning of your defeat, general. It is time to accept defeat."

"It is time to accept your defeat, general."

Ending Background[]

"Improve your skills and challenge me again." (Victory)

"This has been an interesting contest. Perhaps you will challenge me again." (Defeat)


  • After defeating General Ta Hun Kwai, he states that the "Tigress" (Leang) will crush the general like an insect. This is the only hint in the game of her existence.
  • Leang does not seem to use the highly specialized units and structures of faction generals, other than Granger's King Raptor, for unknown reasons.
  • Even in the latest version of the game, Leang's units seem to be missing fixes and changes from 1.3 update. Her Avengers are still affected by Composite Armor, America vehicles lack upgrade icon for Hellfire Drone, Sentry Drone isn't affected by Drone Armor, etc.


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  1. TOOLTIP:BioStrategyLong_Pos9 (unused): General "Tigress" Leiong Leang demands the use of all other technology to defeat her enemies
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