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It all started as a green glow in the sky, visible from as far as Auckland, New Zealand. Now, as panicked citizens attempt to flee what appears to be the largest environmental catastrophe since the Tiber incident, the world is asking one question - who did this? And why?

There are widespread fears that this horrific event is a sign that the long dormant Brotherhood of Nod has returned. However, highly-placed sources within GDI have informed us that the catalyst for this explosion may have been an accident in a top-secret GDI Tiberium research laboratory in the Australian Outback.

Now, as millions are driven from their homes, as a continent is consumed by the deadly crystal, one can only ask - why did GDI let this happen? What are they REALLY doing to protect us?''
- Leanne Downing(src)

Leanne Downing was the reporter-in-field of Channel 273's Nightly News programme, who reported on a massive liquid Tiberium explosion in Central Australia, live from Hobart, Australia.[1]


Downing is mentioned in an Intelligence Database entry in Kane's Wrath.

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