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CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

The Legacy Of Tesla is the fourth mission where Field Commander S7 is asked to use Tesla weapons only during the expansion pack of Counterstrike.[1]


Command Directive: 543-Prochnov

Authorization: Moscow Premier

Directive : The Allies have stolen vital data on the design of our MIG aircraft. We have learned that the Allies are constructing a Mig of their own with a nuclear payload. We have established a base in the area, now it is up to you to destroy their prototype aircraft and the bases defending it.

You have been given a group of our new Tesla tanks to facilitate your task. They are irreplacable (sic), so do not waste them.


The Soviet player starts out pitted on land against an Allied outpost to the west and a large base to the south. There are two island bases to the southwest, surrounded by sea and the southern of which hosts the nuclear MiG. As the player lacks a Construction Yard and is unable to build naval units, one of the two Allied bases must be attacked so that the Construction Yard and Naval Yard can be captured.

As stated in the briefing, the player is given control of six experimental Tesla Tanks, which have good range and are very effective against all surface targets but have light armor. Start by training an Engineer and send your Tesla Tanks to attack the western base, but make sure to keep the units at a distance to not get destroyed by the Turrets and Pillboxes. Back at your Soviet base, build several Heavy Tanks to defend your structures from the attacks from the south.

It should be noted that once an Allied base is completely wiped out (or if all remaining buildings are captured), the nuclear MiG will begin to attack. It is armed with an atomic bomb payload and has high hitpoints, so attempting to shoot it down will not be as easy.

In the western Allied base, once the Allied Construction Yard and Naval Yard are acquired, you will want to construct Destroyers and use them to take out the Longbows and enemy Destroyers around both islands. Once the sea is clear, load some Heavy Tanks onto a Transport and send them to the southern island to take out the airfield and the MiG. Wipe out all forces on both islands, then return your focus on the mainland.

From there on, you should have no trouble amassing your units to eliminate the southern base and the remaining Allied forces.



Retaliation Ukraine ending


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