Legacy of Tesla

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Legacy of Tesla
RA1 SCU34EA Map.png
Previous Nuclear Escalation
Next Proving Grounds
Part of Second World War
Location Ukraine
Soviet victory
RAR Allies Logo.png Unknown
Tesla tanks
Allied arsenal plus a captured MiG
CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

Command Directive: 543-Prochnov

Authorization: Moscow Premier

Directive : The Allies have stolen vital data on the design of our MIG aircraft. We have learned that the Allies are constructing a Mig of their own with a nuclear payload. We have established a base in the area, now it is up to you to destroy their prototype aircraft and the bases defending it.

You have been given a group of our new Tesla tanks to facilitate your task. They are irreplacable (sic), so do not waste them.
- Mission briefing

The Legacy Of Tesla is the fourth mission where Field Commander S7 is asked to use Tesla weapons only during the expansion pack of Counterstrike.[1]



Retaliation Ukraine ending


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