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The Soviets are making their last stand in Leningrad and I'm pretty sure they'll throw everything they have at you.
- Eva McKenna(src)

Leningrad (formerly Saint Petersburg and Petrograd) is a large metropolis in the Russian SFSR, Soviet Union and former capital of the Russian Empire, located on Russia's Baltic coast. It is named after the Soviet revolutionary hero, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Red Alert universe

Third World War (third iteration)

Leningrad was the site of the USSR's last stand against the Allies. Premier Cherdenko and General Krukov, knowing that Moscow is not safe place to hide themselves, employed everything they have in the defense of the city while they prepared to launch a space shuttle in order to escape into space.

The shuttle was to be launched from the Peter and Paul Fortress, now converted to a launch site, and was protected by an Iron Curtain. The Allies had to bring down all the Iron Curtain generators in the city before they could assault the island fortress.

RA3 Soviet logo.svg The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

During the Soviet Campaign, Leningrad was struck by the Imperial Army and Navy which besieged the Peter and Paul Fortress and threatened the Hermitage Museum. Soviet troops including the crack Soviet sniper Natasha (rumoured to have been born in Leningrad) conducted a successful defence of the city and sank several Imperial Battleships.

Areas of Interest

  • Peter and Paul Fortress: A large fortress in the middle of Leningrad surrounded by water. Later in the war it was modified to support a space shuttle launch facility.
  • Hermitage Museum: The Hermitage Museum is a museum and art gallery in Leningrad, located partly in the Winter Palace, the former residence of the Russian Tsars. The Museum contained many of Russia's national treasures. Natasha protected the place from Imperial infantry units during the Imperial Invasion.


During the real World War II, the Germans had three years to capture and seize the city of Leningrad, to win a total victory against the Soviet Union. The Russian winter storm had frozen the German army and cannot drive through the captured Baltic states. This was one of the factors that Germany could not reach either the city or Moscow. Much more important, however, was the sheer determination and tenacity of the city's defenders.

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