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Leon Kamperov was a GDI commander protecting the town of Waukesha.[1]


Former engineer, Captain Leon Kamperov was in charge of security detail at Waukesha and nearby TCN nodes #24 and #30. When it became apparent (thanks to his garrison's EVA) that Separatist forces wanted to attack all three sites simulataneously, he knew that his men would not have enough speed to protect all three. As such, he took a severe risk and ordered his engineers to strip down his Predator tanks and APCs.

A TW3 veteran would weep upon seeing that in the Waukesha war factory Predators are taken apart. These slow, aging machines could not compete with fast, high tech weapons of the Brotherhood, so Kamperov had his men jury rig APCs with tank armour and cannons. These contraptions proved surprisingly effective at intercepting and engaging Separatist forces en route to the TCN sites and destroy them, forcing a full retreat.

While most of the makeshift tanks were destroyed, no civilians were harmed and TCN nodes were intact. In recognition for this impressive victory against seemingly impossible odds, captain Kamperov was promoted to Major and commissioned to lead the design of a next generation GDI MBT. His eventual design was designated AT-22 Hunter, blending speed and maneuverability of an APC with the raw power and armour of a tank.

Perfect for a world where remote is the operative word.


Leon Kamperov is mentioned in the AT-22 Hunter profile.


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