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The Leopard tank was an early prototype design of the Crusader tank, cut from the final release of Command & Conquer: Generals. The tank was also able to be upgraded with a Hover upgrade, allowing it to travel across water.

This unit can be accessed through the game files and certain mods, like Infusion (Generals mod only). However, in the mod Reborn V.4, the key design was reintroduced and is called the Devastator tank, which had the power of a emperor overlord tank but possesses very weak armor. It also had radiation, although the hover ability was not present. In the mod Rise of the Reds (for Zero Hour), the Crusader is remodeled and is capable of changing between hovering (for increased maneuverability, including over water) and using its treads (for battle purposes). The mod also includes a Leopard tank for the European faction, but this unit is identical to the Generals prototype in name only.


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