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The light tank is the basic armoured vehicle of the Brotherhood of Nod in Renegade.


In a departure from Nod's standard light tank, the new vehicle boasts a lower profile, a new four-tread movement system and a better mounted turret.



Similar to the GDI medium tank, the light tank is a versatile vehicle in the Brotherhood's arsenal.

The light tank is the third cheapest vehicle in the game, costing $600. With 300 points of both health and armor, the light tank is able to withstand a fair amount of damage. It is also faster than the medium tank, making it better at dodging projectiles and retreating away from certain defeat.

Even so, the light tank can still be easily overwhelmed in battle, especially when fighting by itself. As a result, it is most effective as part of a larger force.


A group of anti-tank infantry can take on a light tank, as along as it is not being accompanied by engineers or technicians. Consider employing snipers to pick off the supporting infantry.


  • The Renegade multiplayer community often refer to the light tank as "Ltank".


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