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The Limpet drone was a hovering reconnaissance drone used by GDI and Nod during the Firestorm Conflict.


The drone deploys as a mine and waits for a target to pass over. The drone spot-welds itself to the underside of the target. Once attached the drone interferes with the electrical systems, usually resulting in a loss of speed, and relays terrain and tactical data back to its controller or designated radar facility from its sensor/camera device.[1]

Sensor systems can detect deployed drones, and the drones can be disabled by an EMP. Field repair units were modified to remove drones from affected vehicles.[1]


GDI developed the limpet drone prior to the Firestorm Conflict as another method of detecting stealthed Nod bases. They were fielded by covert operations teams before being released for general use.[1] Nod also procured the technology and used it during the Firestorm Conflict as well.[2]

Limpet drones were decommissioned following the Firestorm Conflict.

Game unit[]

Drones are hover units and may move over water. When deployed they become stealthed but can be instantly destroyed by EMP. A drone may be removed from an affected vehicle by having the vehicle repaired at a service depot or by a mobile repair vehicle.

AI behavior[]

Unused by the AI.




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