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The Liquid Tiberium Transport Truck was the vehicle used for Kane's experiment to make a Liquid Tiberium Bomb, as mentioned by Dr. Alphonse Giraud. The truck went on a journey via a Carryall from the Amazon Desert, but stopped at the Atlantic Coast because of GDI's so-called "Guns of Brazil" and flew again after Nod's success. The truck was saved after being shot down in Slovenia, guarded by two GDI Engineers and after Nod recovered it was that the truck became safe without harm as of trying to travel back to Temple Prime.

The Liquid Tiberium Story

A truck was situated at the Nod laboratory in Brazil. The vehicle carried Liquid Tiberium inside it, safe and well as a Carryall came to take it from the Amazon. The GDI forces were destroyed at the Atlantic Coast where the Guns of the Amazon were blocking the pathway for the plane to go through. At the time of arriving near Temple Prime in Sarajevo, then there was trouble. AA Batteries shot down the Carryall and two GDI Engineers had to guard the truck, so that reinforcements arrive and take the truck for examination. A Nod taskforce, led by the Legendary Insurgent came to destroy all AA Batteries and killed the two Engineers. The truck was saved and they took it to defending a small Nod base. After intense fighting, the truck went out of harm's way via an escort. At Sarajevo, the truck sneaked through a GDI base until reaching the temple and this gave Kane a lot of work to do.

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