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CNCTW Liquid Tiberium Transport Truck Cameo.png Liquid Tiberium Transport
TW Liquid Tiberium Transport.png
Internal name NODLiquidTiberiumTransport
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
Role Hazardous material transport
Hit points 10000
Armor type NODMCVArmor (100% Cannon, 75% Rocket, 25% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Speed 60
Sight range
  • 100 (vision)
  • 200 (shroud clearing range)

The liquid Tiberium transport was a Nod vehicle used to transport the components of the liquid Tiberium bomb.


The liquid Tiberium transport contained all the liquid Tiberium weapon components developed at the Nod research facility in Brazil. While en route to Temple Prime, the Armageddon carrying it was shot down by GDI forces in Slovenia. Before it could be captured by GDI, however, a Nod commando under the command of the Nod Commander eliminated the GDI forces sent to secure it. The transport was then brought to an abandoned Nod base, where the Nod Commander held off GDI pursuers until reinforcements arrived. He then cleared the way for the transport with his force and escorted the device to an EVAC zone, allowing it to be brought to Sarajevo safely[1].

When the truck arrived at Temple Prime, it was already under siege by GDI forces. Despite only having a small escort force at his command, the Nod Commander managed to bypass the GDI base outside the Temple and brought the truck to Temple Prime safely[2].


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