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Listening Outpost
Generals Listening Outpost.jpg
Affiliation China
Role Recon/surveillance
Armament 2 garrisoned infantry
(initially 2 Tank Hunters)
Hit points 240
Armor type Tank Armor
  • $800
  • $950 (General Kwai)
Build time 0:15
Produced by Chinese war factory
Speed 40 (30 if badly damaged)
Sight range 250-500
  • See the rally point of the enemy units within its detection range
  • Detector
  • Stealth when not moving
Built with 2 Tank Hunters inside
I will tell you everything I hear!
- Listening Outpost reporting for duty

The Listening Outpost represented China's increased commitment to developing surveillance technologies following the driving of the GLA from the Chinese homeland and surrounding regions.


Tune in to the enemy.
- Listening Outpost

The Listening Outpost could be deployed on the front lines, detecting unit movements over a wide radius, including stealth units. Listening Outposts themselves were stealthed when not moving. Although unarmed, two Tank Hunters were stationed inside each Listening Outpost and could fire from within it, providing some degree of protection.

Game unit

Did you hear something?
- Listening Outpost

Listening Outposts became useful for providing forward information for advancing Chinese columns. Following their takeover of much of mainland Europe, the GLA peppered main routes with Demo Traps and pockets of defending units. The Listening Outpost could give advance warning of enemy threats, hopefully without being detected itself. They could also be used effectively as a form of defense for Chinese bases, detecting enemy infiltration and giving enough time for Chinese commanders to respond.

However Listening Outposts were made for reconnaissance, not act as assault units. Chinese commanders needed to keep their Listening Outpost hidden from enemy divisions. Although the on-board Tank Hunters could allow the Listening Outpost to escape individual vehicles, it was no match for concentrated firepower.

Selected Quotes

I will tell you everything I hear!
- When emerging from the War Factory
I think I can hear them!
- When selected
Tune in to the enemy.
- When selected
Adjusting frequency.
- When selected
We'll get their location.
- When selected
- When moving
Moving operations.
- When moving
Hmm... yes, better.
- When moving
Do you hear something?
- When moving
Hey, let's go where the chatter is!
- When moving
Setting up the dish.
- When deploying
Deploy the radar.
- When deploying
Preparing observation equipment.
- When deploying
Let's listen in.
- When deploying
Packing up.
- When undeploying
Shutting down scanners.
- When undeploying
Turning off taping devices.
- When undeploying
Take this operation elsewhere.
- When undeploying


General Shin Fai ordered the development of the Attack Outpost, which as its name suggests was designed for assault missions.

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