Szakolczay 66mm Type R12 Locust automatic rocket launcher
Vital statistics
Type Unguided Man-Portable Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Damage 35 hit, 80 splash damage
Steel damage type
50 velocity
Range 200
Mag. size 6 rockets
Rate of fire 0.75 rounds/s
Reload time 2.8 s
MP Faction Both

The Szakolczay 66mm Type R12[1] Locust automatic rocket launcher is a basic rocket launcher in Renegade.


The Szakolczay-made 66mm rocket launcher is a perfect choice for those seeking a compact antiarmour package. A six-round magazine allows for rapid reloading and gives the weapon considerable firepower.


Wielded by rocket soldiers of both sides as well as Gunner in multiplayer games, the rocket launcher is a potent anti-tank weapon in multiplayer, though less effective than the Volt auto rifle or Portable ion cannon. Faster vehicles can easily dodge the rockets, however.

In singleplayer, it's the best anti-tank weapon, which can take out most vehicles in three shots and CH-46 Sea Knights in just one, making them crash and burn in spectacular explosions.


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