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Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States. The Hollywood district is particularly notable for the motion picture industry; a significant portion of American movies are made at or near Hollywood, and "Hollywood" is often used to refer to the film industry.

Tiberium Universe[]

The following is based on the cancelled game Continuum and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Los Angeles appears in the cancelled Command & Conquer: Continuum. As the United States of America joined the GDI council as a NATO and G8 member, the city seems to be sunk underneath the water of the Pacific Ocean. During the battle, Nod and GDI fought each other to get the sunken city to be upright or just staying there when the USA has the middle in one Red Zone, while GDI and Los Angeles have both the east and west coasts in a heartful Blue Zone.

Red Alert Universe[]

Third World War (second iteration)[]

When Yuri broke from Soviet control, he secretly started operations in Hollywood. Using his Mind control technology, he subverted the will of the civilian population. However, rather than sending them into battle, Yuri chose a much more macabre use for his slaves. With his Grinders, Yuri began "recycling" the unfortunate citizens, using the materials he gained from the slaughter to help fund his plans.

The Allies quickly decided to put an end to this, sending their most skilled Commander to strike at Yuri's operations in Hollywood. Amazingly, during the combat, a trio of celebrities joined the fray, offering assistance to the Allies: Arnie Frankenfurter, Flint Westwood, and Sammy Stallion all had simply portrayed action movie heroes in the past, yet they proved their worth on a real battlefield as well. After destroying the four grinders in the city and freeing the minds of the populace, the Allied military struck a large base north of the city. With its destruction, the civilian populace was safe and Yuri's finances suffered a major loss.

Third World War (third iteration)[]

EotRS logo The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

Emperor Yoshiro ordered the Imperial Commander to ransack Los Angeles at Santa Monica. Naomi and the player wrestled the Allied opponents at their international Airbase and capturing the communication centers as Tanya tried to hold the defense lines. The Allies said it wasn't enough, while the Empire of the Rising Sun crushed the last remaining barbarians and captured the towers.

With the devastating loss of Tanya, Yoshiro interviewed his words at the capitalist pigs in American cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hollywood as Gregor plans to defect from the Soviets without an Imperial warning at Yokohama of an awaiting Allied-Soviet invasion, but with no divine destiny and Tatsu tries to intervene was that Yoshiro blew up Ackerman before the eyes of Gregor and Bingham were in shock.

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