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The M16 Mk. II pulse rifle is the primary assault rifle of GDI and Nod light infantry units during the Second Tiberium War.[1] There were at least four different versions of the rifle manufactured by both sides, chambered for .22 caliber ammunition fired using a pulse action mechanism.

They are designed to interface with HUDs of modern armour (such as the GDI combat suits).

Of the variants, Nod's primary model was most identifiable as a descendent of the M16, together with an under-barrel grenade launcher.


  • GDI's second variant is very similar to the M41A Pulse Rifle from James Cameron's Aliens; in fact, an M41A prop was used to portray the weapon in some live-action footage.
  • GDI's first variant is seen being carried by cyborg soldiers in the season 3 premier episode of the sci-fi series Sliders.
  • GDI's first variant is also a modified Ruger Mini-14 and is the same gun as the USMC issue M590 Pulse Rifle from Space: Above and Beyond.



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