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The Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) tank is a tank fielded by the Soviet forces in Aftermath.


As the war lagged on, Soviet generals find themself in a dire situation. American commitment to the Allied cause resulted in massively deployed armor and infantry, negating the Soviets' armor and defense advantage. The catastropical Super tank project also contributed to the Soviets losing faith to armor technology. Soviet strategists also noted that while brimbing with skills, the Allied infantry pool was somewhat lacking in anti-infantry capability. As a result, all the resources left over from the super tank project was quickly diverted to a newly created project to force the Allies to turn the battle into infantry vs infantry engagement. The end result was the MAD Tank.

It uses seismic waves to damage building and vehicles. It has a very large area of effect and deals a large amount of damage to all targets. Its attacks are indiscriminate and will harm all targets regardless of allegiance. Infantry are immune to its effects and take no damage at any range from the blast. The blast range is somewhat extremely far (affect the entire theater).

The tank begins its attack by starting a large pump on its back that increases pumping speed with each repetition. The single crew member bails out and removes himself from the area. The repetitions get faster and faster until the tank finally explodes and releases powerful seismic waves. Thus the tank is actually a single shot disposable weapon.

Its was not seen again after the war.


The effects of the explosion do not vary: any vehicles, ships, and aircraft (even flying aircraft - probably due to engine limitations) in a large area around the MAD Tank (approximately the same area as a nuclear blast, a 10-tile radius) take damage equivalent to 45% of their maximum hitpoints, while structures in the same area take 40% damage. As a result, provided no time for significant repairs between detonations, three MAD Tanks can actually destroy absolutely any non-infantry unit outright. As they can crush infantry anyway, these are rather dangerous vehicles.

It should be noted that they cannot detonate while under the effects of the Iron Curtain.


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