- Magnetic Singularity in action
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Magnetic Singularity is Soviet Line 3 Top Secret Protocol in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. This creates a huge magnetic field, disabling anything that could be disabled, pulling vehicles in, and cooking infantry that got in.


Soviet knowledge in the Tesla technology has expanded its horizons in the War of Three Powers . As far as using it as strategic and tactical weapons that create electro-magnetic fields at designated areas.

This protocol generates a charged ball of energy, emitting countless waves of electricity that disrupt electrons of a moving object (similar to the Electro-Magnetic disruptors). With the power to pull in vehicles too. Infantry though, has always failed to withstand high voltages. And gets cooked if caught in the vicinity. Even Tesla Troopers themselves cannot survive the merciless amperes and get zapped internally, from within the suit (Dolphins have also failed the test).

Another great advantage the skill takes that it could blackout a half or more of enemy's base, rendering unit production, MCV pack-in and base defences close to useless. 

With huge battle potential, the skill pays with a small delay before it initializes. Which is depicted by a small flare, designating the area.

Despite being a huge shocker on both field and water, aircraft will miss out the party. And will not be caught, nor damaged throughout the entire time singularity is present. Because if it did, all aircraft would've met the land very fast.

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