Magnetic mine drop

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Magnetic Mine Drop
KW Magnetic Mine Drop.jpg
Magnetic mines dropped near a GDI Tiberium refinery
Affiliation CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Tier 2
Cost $1500
Build time 3:00
Requires Air Tower
Hotkey Ctrl + F5

The Magnetic Mine Drop is an offensive support power available exclusively to the Marked of Kane subfaction of Nod.

When activated, an Armageddon bomber flies over and drops a payload of stealthed land mines in the designated area, much like how the standard mine drop works. However, instead of exploding like normal mines, magnetic mines attach to any vehicle that drives over them and gradually erodes their hull, causing severe damage over time even to epic units. The mines can only be removed by repair drones from a war factory, Rig, or MRT.

The mines have no effect on any enemy infantry.

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