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Magnetic Satellite is Soviet Line 3 Top Secret Protocol in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. It activates a controllable magnetic force used to pull vehicles, vessels, and aircraft into space. It can also be used against Imperial Nanocores. All units that are sucked up can then be sent crashing down using the Orbital Drop protocol. Higher levels increase the duration and radius of the magnetic force, as well as allowing heavier units to be affected. Since faster units can outrun the satellite, a viable tactic is to activate the satellite at the front of a production structure.

Infantry units are unaffected by the Magnetic Satellite, except power armored units, namely Allied Cryo Legionnaires, Soviet Tesla Troopers, and Imperial Rocket Angels.

Game effect

There are 3 levels of the Magnetic Satellite.

  • Magnetic Satellite - A weak magnetic beam is concentrated from space, sucking small vehicles into space within a short period of time.
  • Super Magnetic Satellite - A medium strength magnetic beam is concentrated from space, sucking small and medium sized vehicles into space within a moderate period of time.
  • Ultra Magnetic Satellite - A strong magnetic beam is concentrated from space, sucking all vehicles into space within a long period of time.


  • Vehicles previously sucked up into space by Magnetic Satellite will drop along with Orbital Drop.
  • Magnetic Satellite triumph over the Magnetic Singularity.
  • The magnetic beam has interesting interactions with the Vacuum Imploder singularity:
    • If the beam is active after the singularity is formed, the sucked vehicles will be pull out and up.
    • If the singularity is formed right after the beam pull up a vehicle, the vehicle will be drag down to the singularity.


  • If the protocol is used on an occupied transport with "Evacuates the passenger" quotes like Multigunner Infantry Fighting Vehicle or Sudden transport, the quote will be played after the vehicle is sucked up, presumably at the time when the infantry is removed from the vehicle.
  • If the protocol and Yuriko both target the same unit, the unit will be stuck mid-air. The unit turns gray, can still play its quote, but cannot do anything until it disappears after the protocol ends.
  • If a unit like Sickle or Cryo Legionnaire jumps through the beam, they will be sucked up, but their landing animation still be played.
    • If it is a Reaper, a legless Reaper still be spawned at the targeted location, but the jumping Reaper will be sucked up and disassembled mid-air, with the disassembled parts turn gray and stuck like in the case with Yuriko.
  • If the protocol is used in campaigns in Red Alert 3, it will always be able to lift all vehicles into space, regardless of its level.


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