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The Earth will be ours again.

The Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle (MARV) is GDI's epic, gigantic super-heavy anti-Tiberium tank in Kane's Wrath.


Born from the same initiative that led to the creation of ZOCOM, the Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV, was crafted by GDI engineers to complement ZOCOM's Red Zone anti-Tiberium operations. Significant advances in Tiberium harvesting and refinement allowed GDI to house a full Tiberium processing plant within the enormous, armored behemoth. Using a frontally-mounted scanning and collection system, the MARV could gather, process, and convert terrestrial Tiberium to usable resources in a matter of minutes.[1][2]

Potential threats, originating from Nod-based operations or any number of separatist splinter or mutant factions, forced GDI to add significant armaments to the MARV before Red Zone deployment. In addition to the massive size and high-durability armor afforded to the MARV, a tri-barreled sonic cannon was added to provide offensive power to the MARV design. Firing a large area-of-effect sonic shell, the MARV’s massive cannon was equally as effective against unexpected uprisings as it was at breaking down massive Tiberium deposits for reclamation. In addition, four garrison slots could accommodate a variety of GDI infantry, allowing the MARV to meet any potential threat on the battlefield.[1]


Nod first encountered the MARV during the Third Tiberium War, when ZOCOM first began Tiberium abatement in the African Red Zone. Several scout patrols in the area was destroyed by a MARV, one of which managed to transmit a video warning before its destruction. Since Nod was in danger of losing their foothold in the Red Zone, Alexa Kovacs ordered LEGION to locate and capture the Reclamator hub where the MARV was maintained.

An analysis of MARV wreckage and data from the Reclamator hub allowed the Brotherhood to complete its own epic unit, the Redeemer, during the battle. Designs for the Redeemer and its production facility, the Redeemer engineering facility, were transferred to LEGION for immediate field testing. Ultimately, three MARVs were destroyed during the ferocious battle.[3]

Game unit[]

The MARV produces much less credits per Tiberium patch than a regular Harvester: 115 credits per green Tiberium patch, and 230 per blue Tiberium patch, compared to 350 for green Tiberium and 700 for blue Tiberium. However, the MARV does not need to offload at a Tiberium refinery; it instantly converts into credits any Tiberium patch it moves over as long as one has enough storage. If the storage is maxed out, the crystals will be destroyed but no credits will be added.

MARV is also extremely slow, due to its heavy armor, but even with all those downsides, it is very handy to help turn the tide of battle, put the finishing touches on an assault, or to act as a meatshield to absorb damage for the rest of your army. MARVs main gun does splash damage, and its size allows crushing non-superheavy vehicles under its wheels, making it probably the most powerful area of effect damage source in game.

Like the Nod Redeemer and the Scrin Eradicator Hexapod, the MARV must be built from its own specialized construction building - the Reclamator Hub, and only one MARV may be built at a time.

Four infantry squads may be permanently garrisoned inside which adds weapons or abilities to the vehicle. The first infantry unit creates the front-left turret, the second creates the front-right, the third creates the back-left, and the last creates the back-right.

Unit Corresponding weapon
or capability
Rifleman squad Machine gun turret
Missile squad Missile launcher turret
(Combat) engineer Repair module
Grenadier squad Grenade launcher turret
Sniper team Sniper rifle nest
Zone troopers Railgun turret
Zone raiders Sonic grenade launcher turret

Among the epic units, the MARV has the heaviest armor, the slowest speed, and has the most number of garrison points, and so has unparalleled firepower on land (Redeemer = 2, Eradicator = 3).

In a one-on-one fight, ignoring garrisons and veterancy, the MARV loses to any other Epic unit, but garrisoning it stands a higher chance, and if garrisoned by four Zone Troopers/Raiders, MARV is the strongest land unit, beating no matter how garrisoned Redeemer or Hexapod is in combat. The number of garrisons and variety of options also makes it the most flexible. It is the only Epic unit that can fire while on the move, giving it a significant tactical advantage. It is also the only Epic unit to feature directional armor (that is, it's frontal armor is stronger than the armor elsewhere on its body, with the rear being the weakest point); this, coupled with the use of the "reverse move" command, can help a careful commander save a MARV that may have waded into a conflict it cannot handle, although it can also be exploited by a wily opponent. The main sonic weapon deals heavy splash damage, making the MARV slightly more effective against groups of clustered infantry than the other epic units. The MARV is capable of crushing any other non-epic unit, meaning that it can literally drive over huge amounts of enemy forces and crush them, as long as it's not destroyed while moving to them.

The MARV may be used to hamper an opponent's economy by quickly depleting Tiberium fields convenient to the enemy. The fields is courses through are emptied regardless of whether the maximum silo capacity has been reached, thus a field can be effectively denied to both sides.

Bottomline is, as far as MARV units go, thanks to the most number of infantry weapons it can carry, it is debatedly the most versatile of the three.

Global Conquest[]

Like all epic units, Strike Forces with a MARV have a special interaction in the global battlefield based on the epic unit's innate ability: due to the MARV's mobile harvester role, the Strike Force can harvest Tiberium in the global battlefield around its area of influence every turn similar to a Base, generating extra resources for the owner.



When created[]

  • Global defense initiated.
  • MARV assembly complete.
  • Systems online.
  • Power engaged.
  • MARV online.

When selected[]

  • Systems engaged.
  • MARV.
  • Peerless.
  • Size matters.
  • Ready to roll.
  • Emitters charged.
  • Ready to deploy.

When moving[]

  • En route.
  • Revising deployment vector.
  • Make some room.
  • On my way.
  • Adjusting position.
  • I'll clear the way.
  • Reclamation in progress.

When ordered to harvest (unused)[]

  • Reclamation ops commencing!
  • Take back the planet!
  • The Earth will be ours again!
  • Tiberium abatement commencing!
  • Reclamation in progress!

When ordered to attack[]

  • Crush them!
  • Bringing in the big guns!
  • Combat vector engaged!
  • Watch my six!

When attacking[]

  • Emitter array engaged!
  • Heavy firepower!
  • Deploying armaments!
  • Assault initiated!
  • Assault vector alpha!
  • Enemy sighted!
  • Overwhelming!
  • Full power!
  • Take 'em out!

When retreating[]

  • What?!
  • This way!
  • Refactoring objective.
  • Retreating!
  • Pulling back!


  • Even though its full name is given as "Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle" in the Intelligence Database and the unit spotlight, the pre-mission cutscene and mission briefing for MARV Rising give the full name "Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle".
  • Clues found in the MARV's concept art and in-game model imply the vehicle's cannons were originally supposed to rotate after each shot so that only the uppermost barrel was the one firing, however this graphical feature is not present in the final game.
  • According to pre-release information, the MARV was able to harvest Tiberium at full value.[1] However, this was nerfed to 33% of the full value in patch 1.01.


See also[]


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