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A mammoth from the original C&C

The Mammoth tank has appeared (in form and function but not necessarily in name) in every C&C game except Tiberian Sun where it was replaced by a giant, experimental walker (although Mammoth Tanks from the previous war still played a role in the campaign). Note that these tanks were salvaged by The Forgotten in the Second Tiberium War and used by them after being abandoned.

Apart from the previous exception, they always took the form of a large tank which was conventional apart from its distinguishing features: twin gun barrels, two side mounted anti-infantry/anti-air missile pods, and four sets of tracks.

They are also characterized by their impressive firepower, extreme toughness and sluggishness. In a direct, head-on confrontation—for their size, they were always the most powerful ground unit of their time if not outright the most powerful unit of all.

In the Red Alert Universe from Red Alert 2 onwards the Soviets start using "Apocalypse tanks". They still have the distinguishing features and role of Mammoth tanks. In the Generals Universe they are called Overlord Tanks. The Tiberium Universe usually keeps calling them Mammoth Tanks.

Tiberium universe

Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Sun


Tiberium Wars / Kane's Wrath

Tiberian Twilight

Tiberian Twilight Mobile

  • Mammoth tank (Tiberian Twilight Mobile) - GDI heavy tank

Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Command & Conquer: Renegade 2

Red Alert universe

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