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For an overview of the Mammoth class, see Mammoth tank.

The Mammoth Mk. I[1] (or X-66 Mammoth) was a GDI heavy assault tank that entered service during the First Tiberium War.


As GDI's heavy assault tank, the Mammoth is armed with two 120mm cannon and twin anti-infantry and anti-aircraft Mammoth Tusk missile pods.[2] Mammoths are also equipped to independently carry out limited battlefield repairs.

The Mammoth Tank was eventually phased out and succeeded by the Mammoth Mk. II walker in the Second Tiberium War. The Forgotten had acquired a few of these units during the war. Later after the walkers are proven to be too costly and vulnerable to commandos the mammoth tank design was bought back in the form of the Mammoth Mk. III tanks.

Game unit

The biggest and the slowest tank in the game, the Mammoth is nonetheless one of the most dangerous units, as it can self-repair to 50% of its health and features double barreled cannons with Mammoth tusk missiles complementing them.

The missiles are incredibly effective against infantry and aircraft, though their use is inconsistent, the tank might use missiles in one situation, only to pummel infantry with its cannons at another time. It is well understood that the tank will deploy missiles to infantry threat for the tank side and use its cannon to attack any threat (infantry included) in the front of it. Another weakness is the tank costs too much and has a slow build time and any Nod vehicles can outnumber it quickly. The inconsistency of which projectile the tank chooses to fire can be worked around. Quickly switching the tank's targeting between two units will increase the possibility of missiles being deployed over the cannons.


One mammoth tank is available in the mission where the GDI player has to evacuate Mobius but more can be built in Ion cannon strike.

Behind the scenes



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