Mammoth tank (Red Alert 1)

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Mammoth Tank

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Internal name 4TNK
Affiliation RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Union
RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces (Giant Ants missions only)
Role Heavy assault tank
  • 120 mm cannon (x2)
  • 6-rack missile launcher (x2)
Tier 3
Tech level 7
Hit points 600
Armor type Heavy
Cost $1700
Produced by War factory
Requires Soviet tech center
Service depot(Giant ants mission only)
Ground attack 40 (x2) (AP), 75 (x2) (HE)
Air attack 75 (x2) (HE)
Cooldown 80
Speed 4
Attack range
  • 4.75 (ground)
  • 5 (air)
Sight range 6
Abilities Self-repair to 50% health

The Mammoth tank is a Soviet super heavy tank appearing in Red Alert.


The largest land-based weapons platform, the Mammoth tank can take and dish out a lot of punishment. Its twin cannons are unmatched in power on land, and its missiles make it effective against infantry and air units as well[1].

Game unit

The Mammoth tank is a one-tank-army. It has the most powerful guns of all tanks and the missiles are very effective against infantry, often killing them in one hit. However the Mammoth is the slowest vehicle in the game, is quite expensive, has a long build time, and any type of basic tanks (including Allied Light and medium tanks and Soviet heavy tanks) can outnumber it with relative ease. The Mammoth tank may self-repair to 50% health.

The Mammoth's cannons fire in a slightly staggered method, for a one-two punch effective against armor. This makes the second shot less likely to hit against moving targets.

The missile racks are effective against infantry, structures, and enemy aircraft, though they have a significant reload time. This makes mammoths vulnerable to concentrated aerial attack.

In the giant ants missions mammoths can be built by the allies.



A Mammoth tank being assembled in a war factory

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