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For more uses, see Mammoth tank.

The Mammoth tank is a Soviet super heavy tank appearing in Red Alert.


The largest land-based weapons platform, the Mammoth tank can take and dish out a lot of punishment. Its twin cannons are unmatched in power on land, and its missiles make it effective against infantry and air units as well.[1]


As it fought in the great war, the design proved so successful and had such a fear factor that the Soviets retained many of the Mammoth tank's features in the updated version of the Mammoth, the Apocalypse tank. The new heavy vehicle shares many of the features its predecessor, with heavy firepower and armour and has a more reliable on-board repair systems and retains its Mammoth Tusk missiles which are now solely meant for anti-air.

Game unit

The Mammoth tank is a one-tank-army. It has the most powerful guns of all tanks and the missiles are very effective against infantry, often killing them in one hit. However the Mammoth is the slowest vehicle in the game, is quite expensive, has a long build time and slow attack speed. Therefore, any type of basic tanks (including Allied light and medium tanks and Soviet heavy tanks) can outnumber and quickly destroy one with relative ease, especially when caught out alone in a hit-and-run attack. The Mammoth tank may self-repair to 50% health but only does so rather slowly when not taking damage.

The Mammoth's cannons fire in a slightly staggered method, for a one-two punch effective against armor. This makes the second shot less likely to hit against moving targets.

The missile racks are effective against infantry, structures, and enemy aircraft, though they have a significant reload time. This makes mammoths vulnerable to concentrated aerial attack.


  • In the Soviet campaign of Red Alert, the Mammoth tank is first available in the mission Liability Elimination, but cannot be built in more numbers.
  • In the Giant Ants missions, Mammoths can be built by the Allies in the mission Hunt!. One is also given to the player in Exterminate!, making it one of the few indoors missions that features a controllable vehicle unit.



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A Mammoth tank being assembled in a war factory
Allied Apaches attacks a Mammoth from behind
A destroyed Mammoth amongst a field of Soviet wreckages

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