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RA3 Gameicon The following is based on Red Alert 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Never forget!
- Mammoth Tank creed

The Mammoth Tank was a joke unit introduced by EALA on the 2009 April Fools' Day, when it was announced that the unit was being balanced and will be added in a future patch for Red Alert 3. The model and coding for this unit was later released, allowing fans to add this unit into mods.


RA3 MammothTank1

Mammoth tank concept art

From what little can be gleaned from its unit profile, the Mammoth tank apparently existed in a world where the war had ended and the Allies had invented time travelling portals known as "temportals". However, one of the temportals was taken over on the other side by a man described as "a malevolent force bent on the subjugation of all mankind" (heavily implied to be Yuri, who was trapped in prehistoric time in the Soviet ending of Yuri's Revenge).

The man sent an army of prehistoric creatures to attack the stranded Allies and the Soviets, who were forced to band together once more to survive. Having only brought a small cache of weapons and no fuel, Allied and Soviet engineers were forced to make do with any and all available resources. Gaining ground control in the hostile territory was near impossible, due to the complete absence of roads and fuel.

RA3 Mammoth Tank Firing

Mammoth tank firing

The solution came to them when a mammoth charged through the jungle and into their small makeshift fort, wreaking havoc and destroying supplies before being subdued by tranquilizers. A holding pen, duplication center, outfitting quarters, and training facility were quickly constructed, and the mammoth tank was born.

RA3 Mammoth Tank Squishing

Mammoth tank squishes infantry with ease

Two enormous Apocalypse cannons were mounted atop the mammoth's powerful girth, allowing for all-terrain movement combined with the heavy firepower the Soviets were known for. Powerful serrated tusks allow well-trained mammoths to deal with infantry and light vehicles in close range. The mammoth's thick coat makes it completely immune to all Allied cryo technology, while its long trunk allows it to snatch cryocopters and other aircraft right out of the air. Thanks to their long trunks, the mammoths were also amphibious, though they were unable to attack aircraft while swimming.

When the control of the portal was returned to the Allies, the Soviets moved the training site of the mammoths to the animal training facility at Omsk. There, mammoths could be trained in a closed environment before being released into the past to continue the battle.


  • The unit's base model is the recycled model of the Mumak from Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth, also done by EA Los Angeles. The turret is recycled from the Tiberium Wars Mammoth Mk. III model.
  • The unit may have been inspired by the War Mastodon from the KKND series.
  • In the surveillance footage, the Mammoth tank leaves behind a trail of tank tracks when walking.


Surveillance footage

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