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Let's have some fun!
- When moving to attack

The Mammoth tank is a GDI vehicle in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The Mammoth Mk. III is the third generation of the GDI's imposing Mammoth Tank line. The heaviest of GDI's tanks, the Mammoth is equipped with dual 150mm smooth-bore cannons as well as dual anti-aircraft rocket pods.


Game unit

Mammoth tank is the ultimate late game GDI unit. It literally crushes any infantry that stands in its way, in a 1v1 battle it beats all ground vehicles. It can can even attack air units, but not nearly as effectively as ground units. Combined with high health, it is incredibly difficult to remove and even if it succeeds, probably another Mammoth is already on its way.

Although tough as nails, Mammoth will eventually fall to sustained aircraft attacks, especially by a Basilisk or a Kodiak. Therefore a good anti-air unit is required, for example, Hammerhead. Both of these units together lock down both ground and air. The Heroic charge ability allows Mammoth to get to the pads or harvesters in a more timely manner.

The main threat for Mammoth is the Nuclear missile itself. It takes a long time to acquire the necessary amount of Tiberium to field a single Mammoth Tank, all while contesting pads and protecting harvesters. If the map has three separate pads, the Mammoth can lock down a single pad, but will not be able to help contest the others. To counteract this weakness, Mammoth can just ignore the pads altogether and go for enemy harvesters (to finance an additional Mammoth tank) and then attack the base directly, provided that there is enough time to do so.

Mammoth tank cannot roll over infantry if there is a vehicle on the same tile. For example, Mutant marauders can attack the Mammoth with impunity so long as there are Cyberwheels moving back and forth though the marauder tile.

The Mammoth tank cannot self repair itself just like in Tiberium Wars.


Colonel Jackson Air Mammoth
Riflemen Missile Squad Drone Swarm Orca Hammerhead Mammoth Tank
Colonel Jackson  
Riflemen Missile Squad Drone Swarm Mohawk Gunship Zone Trooper Mammoth Tank
Colonel Jackson Natural Sky
Riflemen Jump Jet Troopers Pitbull Talon Orca Mammoth Tank


  • 2018-07-11: Cost increased to 170 (was 150)
  • 2018-10-04:
    • Damage per shot increased to 1000 (was 800)
    • Cost increased to 200 (was 170)
  • 2018-10-26:
    • Cost increased to 250 (was 200)
  • 2019-02-06:
    • Cost decreased to 230 (was 250)
    • Turret turn speed increased to 200 (was 100)
  • 2019-06-05:
    • Damage vs. Vehicles increased to 2130 (was 2070)
    • Anti-Air Attack Delay reduced to 0 (was 1 second)
  • 2019-09-12: Health decreased to 6900 (was 7500)
  • 2019-05-01:
    • Speed increased to 3.95 (Slow) from 3 (Slowest)
    • Damage increased to 2070 (was 2000)
  • 2020-03-25: Cost increased to 250 (was 230)
  • 2020-08-12:
    • Cost decreased to 230 (was 250)
    • Speed changed to Slowest (was Slow 3.95)


When created

  • Mammoth ready to roam
  • It's show time!

When selected

  • Ready for action
  • Mammoth tank primed
  • Mammoth, waiting

When moving

  • Mammoth, migrating
  • I'm on it!
  • Moving out

When moving to attack favorably

  • Mammoth will crush them!
  • Let's party!
  • Let's have some fun!

When moving to attack neutral

  • No problemo
  • Affirmative
  • You got it

When moving to attack unfavorably

  • Big problemo
  • Not happy about this

When unable to attack target

  • Negative
  • Can't do it

When attacking

  • Crushing enemies!
  • Gonna pound them!
  • Erasing target

When under attack

  • Hasta la vista
  • Mammoth in deep trouble


  • When MG squad was introduced, the Mammoth could not roll over them once the nest was deployed. When paired with the Repair drone, the MG squad could single-handedly defeat the Mammoth.
  • Initially the Mammoth could be tricked into attacking the aircraft with the cannons instead of missiles.
  • Tank operator uses a lot of mammoth metaphors. Male.
  • The mammoth tank is the only unit that can crush infantry.


Intel Report on Mammoth tank


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