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The Mammoth Mk. I (or X-66 Mammoth) from Tiberian Dawn made a cameo in the Tiberian Sun.


The pinnacle of GDI tanks from the First Tiberium War, these vehicles saw limited action in the Second Tiberium War. By 2030, those once mighty behemoths were long phased out in favor of Titan Walker and Mammoth Mk. II Walkers by GDI regular forces. Remaining vehicles were considered war relics, scattered in active and abandoned military bases across the globe. For both GDI and Nod, decommisioned Mammoth Tanks were ideal choice for target practice, in particular as benchmarks to test the efficiency of their latest weaponary.

Not surprisingly, some of these vehicles remained serviceable, or at least, restorable. The Forgotten are known to have acquired some examples, and restored them to full operational condition. During the final assault on Kane's Cairo stronghold, GDI recovered 3 of these vehicles in pristine condition from an abandoned field base. In the ensuing battle, these old tanks demonstrated great combat-worthiness despite their age, effectively compelementing their modern counterparts. When the Mammoth walkers were discontinued and realising the fear factor even the old Mammoth tanks bring, GDI resorted to revive the traditional super heavy tank concept and built an entirely new mammoth tank to succeed the X-66 and MK II Walker predecessors.

Game unit

In-game, the Mammoth tank (hereafter as "MMI) is "assembled" from elements from different TWII-era units. It shares a base similar to Mammoth Mk.II, allowing the vehicle to slowly self-repair to up to 50% health unless it becomes too damaged (below 4% health). MMI's default guns are in fact the ones used by elite Tick tanks. For anti-air self-defense, MMI uses the same twin-missiles as the Mammoth Mk. II.

Generally speaking, this unit recreates its Tiberian Dawn counterpart quite faithfully, both in appearance and in combat performance. It also fully replicates the self-healing mechanism of the original.

MMI may be randomly obtained from Crates in skirmish games, though it is very rare, and require the tech level to be set to max of 10.


  • Original Mammoth Tanks are able to shoot rockets and fire main guns simultaneously at ground targets in Tiberian Dawn. In fact, the ability to fire AG rockets is (inadequately) retained. By ordering the tank to force-shoot an open ground, it will use rockets. Although, these rockets will deal only minimal damage to ground units passing their impact points.
  • In a one-on-one, head-on fight, a Mammoth Tank can defeat all TWII vehicles except its successor.


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