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The Mammoth tank, also known as Mammoth Mk. I[1], is a GDI heavy tank that appears in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.


After the First Tiberium War, these tanks were phased out of service in favor of the new Mammoth Mk. II walkers. Some of them were used as targets for weapons testing by GDI[2] and Nod[3]. The Forgotten also used several of these vehicles in their arsenal[4].

During GDI's assault on Kane's temple in Cairo, several Mammoth tanks were found near a TW1-era GDI base, still in operating conditions despite decades of neglect[5].

During the Third Tiberium War GDI decided to bring back the mammoth tanks with the Mammoth mark III.

Game unit

Three Mammoth tanks near an abandoned GDI base

Mammoth tanks cannot be built, and only appear during certain campaign missions. Most notably, three Mammoth tanks can be found in Final Conflict, at an abandoned GDI base near the northwestern Nod base. Once approached, they can be controlled by the player. In the Nod's side mission Blackout, three of them can be found at an abandoned base northwest of the map.

In the Nod missions Sheep's Clothing (TS) and Mutant Extermination (FS), they appear as enemy units, being the heaviest vehicles used by the Forgotten. They are individually powerful, each capable of taking on two Tick tanks. However, they are few in number, and the Forgotten cannot construct more.

The Mammoth tank is armed with a pair of powerful cannons and anti-air missiles. It is also extremely durable and also has the ability to self-repair to 50% health (though it cannot do so if its health is less than 4%). Its greatest weakness is its very slow speed, which can leave it vulnerable to enemy artillery and stationary defenses.



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