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25px-Disambig.png This article is about the GDI tank in Tiberium Alliances. For the GDI tank in Tiberium Wars, see Mammoth tank (Tiberium Wars).

The Mammoth Mk. III is the most powerful offensive tank in Tiberium Alliances and it is the second most expensive unit to research in the GDI arsenal (first being the Kodiak anti-structural aircraft).

Game unit

While the Mammoth tank is very effective against nearly every ground units and structures, it's best to use it against vehicles as its main role is being a heavy anti-vehicle tank. The Mammoth is the slowest ground vehicle in the GDI arsenal.

The Mammoth Mk. III tanks were first deployed in the Third Tiberium War, serving as the successor to the Mammoth Mk. II walker. Some were abandoned and then captured by the Forgotten, creating a new designation of modified Mammoths simply called the Forgotten Mammoth tank.

The Mammoth's battering ram upgrade makes it easier to break through walls.


Battering Ram
TA GDI Battering Ram.png
A crystal ram allows the Mammoth to destroy any wall by driving through it.
Costs TA Icon Credits.png 960M TA Icon Research Points.png 960M
Target Walls



Battering Ram demonstration

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