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- Bullfrog using the man cannon
RA3 Man Cannon Icons

The Man Cannon is the special ability of the Soviet Bullfrog transport.


The Man-Cannon, or the Hlopushka Troop-Deployment System (CC98-HTDS), can launch a full-grown man across a thousand meters, where he land using a basic parachute pack. The man who designed this innovative infantry launching device was Arkady Ilyushin, a distinguished inventor at Kazminov Design Bureau, presumably while drunk. Sadly he did not survive the initial trial of this system, but subsequent safety statistics for the man-cannon have been promising.


The Man-Cannon is useful for transporting troops to areas not readily accessible by the Bullfrog, for instances, up a cliff or behind the frontline. This may give the Soviets a certain tactical advantage. Troops may bypass enemy defences or reach a destination quicker than their rivals.


Watch out for Anti Air!
- Bullfrog

Like Century Bombers paratroopers, Man-Cannon users are vulnerable to anti-air weaponry while they parachute back to earth. Thus, it is not advisable to use the man-cannon in areas full of AA.

Additionally, a design flaw meant that the only way for troops to exit the transport during combat operations is for all of them to launch out via the man-cannon at the same time. In other words, troops cannot exit the transport individually.