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United Kingdom



  • Low Tiberium contamination (2047)
  • High levels of Tiberium contamination (2062)


Appears in

Tiberian Twilight


Opening Scene

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Manchester is a city in England. Prior to the coming of Tiberium, the city was located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK, and one of the country's most important industrial centers.

Storyline development

By 2062, however, Manchester was home to the GDI Global Headquarters with the spread of this Tiberium growth had covered the entire city. Giant Tiberium pillars grew in the streets and its skyscrapers but even the GDI building was covered in Tiberium crystals, and the city was often struck by ferocious ion storms.

It was to Manchester that, on July 24, 2062, Nod leader Kane, having resurfaced, was airlifted and brought before the leaders of GDI. With the Tacitus in hand and addressing his adversaries as "brothers and sisters", Kane proposed a deal to GDI. The exact details of the proposition remains unknown.

The GDI-NOD Alliance

After the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane was resurfaced, airlifted by GDI air transport and was brought to Manchester, England on July 24th, 2062 to be in a conference which became as an uneasy alliance by GDI leaders with the Tactius in hand and addressing to the GDI Council before the conference begins three days later.

On the day of the conference, Kane proposed an alliance between the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative. Using the Tacitus as leverage, Kane proposed a way to finally control the spread of Tiberium but needed GDI's resources to construct a Tiberium Control Network. The GDI Council agreed but there was opposition from both Nod and GDI.

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