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Manhattan Mayhem is a 4-player temperate urban skirmish map set in the Manhattan, New York City for Yuri's Revenge.


Game map[]

Parts of the map originally appeared in Lone Guardian and Big Apple, the first Allied and third Soviet missions of Red Alert 2, respectively.


  • The player that spawns in the lower right corner of the map is granted control of the road gates surrounding the bases perimeter (much like in the campaign). The gates can be repaired and sold. When sold, they return $125. The gates do not drain any of the bases power supply. In fact, this is the only skirmish map in the game to give players ownership of road gates.
  • The ruins of the Soviet base from the first Allied mission can be found. Warehouse rubble was placed in the locations of most of the former Soviet structures.
  • The layout of the area surrounding the World Trade Center was drastically altered and downsized. The parking lot, fountain, and the Marriot (represented by unnamed generic buildings in-game) are all absent.
  • There is a misplaced area of grass terrain where a section of road would be found near the lower left spawn point. This area of land was probably an oversight as most of the map is a direct port of the first level of the Red Alert 2 Allied campaign.
  • The image of the map provided depicts all the buildings present on the map (including the ones destroyed immediately as the game begins).

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