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The Mantis Tiberium automatic rifle is a Tiberium-based weapon featured in Renegade.


Developed by Nod in the closing stages of the First Tiberium War, the Mantis Tiberium automatic rifle is a bullpup assault weapon designed to fire concentrated Tiberium gas from a 50 "round" magazine inserted in the back, capable of firing 300 rounds per minute.

It is commonly used by Acolyte-class cyborgs.


The Tiberium Automatic Rifle or Tiberium Auto-Rifle is an anti-personnel weapon with the added benefit of Tiberium poisoning.


Due to how light armor works on vehicles in multiplayer, the Tiberium Auto-Rifle is surprisingly effecting against airborne units and even things lightly-armored vehicles like the Humvee or Buggy. However, it is largely ineffective against more heavily-armored vehicles, such as APCs and especially tanks.

Sydney Mobius is armed with this gun in multiplayer mode, as is the extra Nod unit, the Acolyte.


  • The weapon's frame and the green capsule in the front are printed with the string TE33-31.


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