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For the Generals universe tanks of the same name, see Marauder tank.

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The Marauder is a Nod Support Class light vehicle in Tiberian Twilight.


More heavily armored than most vehicles its size, the Marauder's shotgun-like weapon fires corrosive Tiberium-infused shells.


It is effective against light units. The Marauder's dual shotgun cannons do area of effect damage and are ideal against clustered infantry and light aircraft. Because it is a gun unit, it's least effective against heavy and reinforced armor types.

Tiberium shells ability is passive and always applied to the shotguns. These shells mark the affected enemy units with green colour, temporarely reducing their armor value and causing continuous damage.

This unit has manual reloading like other machine gun units, but the Shotgun cannons run through the ammunition quickly. Make sure to keep them reloaded by hitting the Z key.

Although it is a tier 1 unit, it is even useful in late games. In combined armies, this vehicle can reduce the armor of the enemy units, making the hunt faster. For example, it must avoid enemy Hunter tanks but when combined with Cobra aircraft, these tanks can be destroyed quickly.

Upgrading the Marauder with green tiberium cores may be a good idea because it will enhance its survivability against enemy cannon units.

The Marauder can also be used to gather tibarium crystals but attention is required for enemy tanks. The tiberium crystal reduces speed and armor, so the Marauder will be a sitting duck for cannon units.

There is no GDI equivalent, its anti-light analogue being the Hurricane and the tier 1 medium-armored ground unit analogue being the Sheppard Tank (In a sense its a combination of the two).


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