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For this tank's successor from the cancelled Generals 2, see Marauder Mk. II.

What can I say? I'm a taker.
- Marauder tank
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The Marauder tank was a medium tank used by the Global Liberation Army during the War against the GLA. It was the bigger cousin of the lighter Scorpion tank, and was their heaviest tank.


The Marauder tank was more heavily armoured than the Scorpion tank, and armed with much powerful cannon the cannon turret could be upgraded by salvaging wreck remains from a land vehicle upgrades increase the damage output and rate of fire, with the second salvage it adds an extra cannon.

The Marauder tank could not rotate its cannon, being a fixed gun rather than a turret. Because of this, the entire tank had to turn and face the target in order to fire. As a result, the Marauder could not fire while moving unless the target was directly in front of it. This made the Marauder especially vulnerable while retreating or against fast-moving units.

The Marauder tank was only accessible with a General's Promotion, obtainable at Level 1.



Gen1 Anthrax Shells Icons.png Toxin shells When purchased, Marauder tank shells are laced with toxins. Purchasable from a regular GLA Palace for a cost of $1000.
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons.png Anthrax Beta When purchased, improves the toxin shells' mixture. Purchasable from a regular GLA Palace for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons.jpg Anthrax Gamma When purchased, improves the toxin shells' mixture further. Purchasable from Dr. Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons.png Junk Repair When purchased, Marauder tanks gain the ability to slowly self-repair. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.


Marauder tanks could also be upgraded with salvaged parts from destroyed vehicles.

  • The first salvage upgrade improved the reload speed of the main cannon
  • The second salvage upgrade gave the Marauder twin cannons, each of which did the same damage, and further improved the reload speed of both cannons


Marauders are very cheap and can be mass-produced easily and quickly. Compared to other tanks, it is fast and is well-armoured. The cannon becomes extremely powerful after upgraded twice with salvaged parts, as the twin cannon fires rapidly and deals considerable damage.

The Marauder fares well against enemy tanks of similar price, such as the American Crusader and Paladin, and the Chinese Battlemaster. With veterancy and with salvage upgrades, a Marauder can even go toe-to-toe with the Overlord tank.

Compared to the Scorpion, the Marauder is tougher and possesses a more powerful cannon, making it a better choice for taking on enemy armour and structures. However, Scorpions with the Scorpion rocket upgrade are a better choice in the early game, due to the lower price and higher speed.

Should be noted, the heavy tank uses a fixed gun system, much like older assault guns, so the whole vehicle needs to turn to attack.


Pros (Unit Advantages):

  • Well-armoured, can handle most tanks without any upgrades
  • Relatively fast
  • cheap to produce
  • toxin shells upgrade dramatically improves anti-infantry capability
  • benefits from salvaged parts considerably, 2 upgrades allow it to take on almost any vehicle with ease.
  • very fast fire rate for a tank with both salvaged parts.
  • it can go toe-to-toe with a mammoth tank with full upgrades and veterancy

Cons (Unit Disadvantages):

  • only obtainable through General's Promotion
  • shorter range than most tanks
  • the turret of the tank cannot rotate due to being a fixed cannon to the body chassis
  • the vehicle needs to turn face in order to engage the target
  • the armor protection is thin against missile armed units


Marauder tank assembled.
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
Treads tightened.
- When selected
What can I say? I'm a taker.
- When selected
You got something for me?
- When selected
It all works.
- When selected
Armor's bolted in.
- When selected
It better be worth it.
- When moving
Get to the goods!
- When moving
Just show me where they are.
- When moving
Avoid the bumps.
- When moving
Let's see what we find.
- When moving
Piece by piece.
- When ordered to attack
I'll take a piece of you!
- When ordered to attack
Winner takes all.
- When ordered to attack
It's never enough for me.
- When ordered to attack
I'll be sorting through your scraps, hahahahaha!
- When ordered to attack
Why go around?
- When ordered to run over
There won't be much left, hehehehe.
- When ordered to run over
I will grind them up.
- When ordered to run over
This may work for now.
- When ordered to pick up a mechanical unit salvage remains
I need a few things.
- When ordered to pick up a mechanical unit salvage remains
Is it worth my time?
- When ordered to pick up a mechanical unit salvage remains



  • The Marauder Tank was supposed to have a third salvage upgrade, allowing the Marauder to have a triple-cannon turret, but it was removed. The third salvage upgrade model still remains in the game files and the Worldbuilder when the Marauder Tank is being placed. Mods like Shockwave restore the third upgrade.
  • In the mod Rise of the Reds, the Marauder has a fully rotatable turret.
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