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Ren2-gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Renegade 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Marin Headlands is a location that was supposed to appear in Renegade 2.


The Marin Headlands is a hilly area at the southernmost end of Marin County, California, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Headlands are located just north of San Francisco, immediately across the Golden Gate Bridge. The Headlands are famous for their stunning views of the Bay Area, especially the Golden Gate Bridge.


In the build version based on Red Alert 2, the first mission of Renegade 2 was supposed to take place in the Headlands. It was set against the backdrop of San Francisco ravaged by Kirov airships and other Soviet units hitting the Allies hard.


The Marin Headlands level was the only one that was prototyped for Renegade 2, primarily as a test map. It features a temperate scenery (about mid-summer) and a small Soviet base (using GDI buildings as placeholders).


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