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Master computer countermeasures is a support power for the Brotherhood of Nod appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Presumably spawned from fear of the Brotherhood's own Radar-Jamming Missile and stealth technology used in ambushes and guerilla tactics, the Master Computer Countermeasures allowed commanders to recover from potential hindering actions of rogue Nod leaders, though was also wholly applicable against other disabling weapons as well.

Since the Temple of Nod was used as an advanced battlefield command center, the system was placed within it.

Game Effect[]

The Master Computer Countermeasures support power, deployed from the Temple of Nod, is a sort of trump card against enemies who prefer to immobilize their prey. It removes the EMP effect from all buildings and units immediately (despite what the tooltip fails to say about units), allowing them to continue their designated tasks. It also restores the commander's radar, should it have been depowered by a rogue Nod Radar Jamming Missile deployed from an Operations Center.

Though the power itself costs nothing, it requires a Temple of Nod to be deployed from. However, the structure's dual use as a superweapon platform could also prove to be a curse - its position would be revealed to all, enemy or ally, and its destruction would undoubtly be made a priority for its superweapon capability alone.


  • This support power is actually the only one deployed from a superweapon structure; both the GDI Ion Cannon Control Center and the Scrin Rift Generator only charge their respective superweapon powers and serve no other purpose.
  • The EMP-removing effect of the support power can actually be used to prematurely reanimate a ZOCOM Zone Shatter who has fired its Overload Beam, despite the canonical reason for its subsequent lack of function being that it had temporarily drained all of its energy.
    • This is likely due to how the game applies the EMP effect to the Zone Shatterer to immobilize it, and since such an effect remains indistinguishable from the effect inflicted by EMP weapons, it is also affected by the Master Computer Countermeasures support power.
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