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For other uses, see Mastermind.

The Mastermind is a Yuri mind control vehicle in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.


Yuri's specialists wanted to create a powerful tank-like weapon system to achieve some sort of parity with Allied Prism tanks and Soviet Apocalypse tanks. Since Yuri's speciality was mind control, the result was a massive bio-engineered brain mounted on an armoured tank-like chassis able to rapidly mind-control all enemy units near it. The brain was designed to continuously mind control all enemy units within range so as to cause mayhem in large enemy formations before or during an attack. One fatal flaw in the design however, due to the contingency of war, new more powerful cyborg-electronic circuit systems are not ready in time for the Dominator Disaster War, forcing Yuri's engineers to make do with an adaptation of the design used on psychic towers which are too weak to fully realise the potential of a brain this powerful. As a result, whilst the Mastermind is theoretically able to control more units than the psychic towers, it cannot do so without sending its electronics into overdrive, leading them to overheat and eventually burn out, frying the brain and destroying the vehicle.

The Mastermind was erased after the Soviets meddled with the space time continuum.


The Mastermind is particularly deadly when deployed in the middle of enemy forces where they can cause mayhem in the enemy ranks. This ability makes it potentially devastating to an otherwise unstoppable armoured column before they make their mark on the battlefield. One major weakness with this weapon system however, is its lack of self-defensive armament. This makes it completely helpless against units immune to psychic control such as Terror drones, Robot tanks and air units when airborne. As mentioned above however, its greatest weakness is that it is prone to burning out when it has too many units under its control. This led to the tactic of rushing the Mastermind with many cheap and fast units such as conscripts, flak tracks or IFVs. Paratrooper conscripts are ideal for this task as they are both free and plentiful. Yuri's Masterminds can control up to 3 units each without going into overdrive.

Brainwave overload

When the Mastermind has mind controlled too many units, it will take damage every 60 frames (or 4 in-game seconds). The more mind control victims, the more damage it receives.

  • Takes 50 damage if 4-6 units are mind controlled.
  • Takes 100 damage if 7-10 units are mind controlled.
  • Takes 500 damage if 11 or more units are mind controlled, effectively destroying it instantly no matter its current health.

AI behavior

Masterminds controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 2 Lasher Tanks and 1 Gattling Tank


  • 1x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 4 Yuri Clones and 2 Gattling Tanks
  • 1x targeting base defenses, accompanied by 4 Brutes, 2 Lasher Tanks, 2 Gattling Tanks and 4 Magnetrons


  • 1x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 5 Lasher Tanks and 2 Gattling Tanks
  • 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 4 Lasher Tanks, 1 Gattling Tank and 1 Magnetron
  • 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 6 Lasher Tanks and 3 Gattling Tanks
    • This strike force will only be constructed if the AI owns a Psychic Dominator


When selected

  • I am the Mastermind.
  • Collective thinking!
  • Enter the think tank.
  • A mind is terrible thing to waste.[sic]
  • Alpha wave ready.
  • Let's have a meeting of the minds.

When moving

  • Mastermind on the move.
  • Let's make some friends!
  • We're on diplomatic mission![sic]
  • Where are the simpletons?
  • Always looking for new ideas!

When ordered to attack

  • Time for a brain storm!
  • This will be painless!
  • Come into the fold!
  • They will understand.
  • Their mind will be addressed.
  • Let's collect our thoughts.

When overloading

  • Brainwave overload!



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Unused veteran cameo:
YR Mastermind Veteran Icons.png


  • According to the concept art for the Mastermind, the scaling of the vehicle shows that the brain is twice the size of a tank.
  • It is possible to lengthen a Mastermind's lifespan indefinitely even when it has mind controlled too many units by means of IFVs with Engineers inside them to repair it. Note that the Mastermind needs to be completely surrounded by these IFVs, leaving either party vulnerable to enemies immune to mind control (e.g. Terror Drones and Robot Tanks).
  • It was considered to return in Red Alert 3 as a Soviet hover tank, but did not pass the concept stage.
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