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RA3 Maximum Clearance Icons.png

Max Clearance is an upgrade available only to Allied Construction Yards and Command posts.

Once researched, it opens the 3rd and final tier of the Allied Arsenal. However, a Defense Bureau is required to unlock some units.

Note that the upgrade has only a local effect, meaning that if the Construction Yard has researched Max Clearance then it will only affect production buildings in its vicinity only.

However, you can research the clearance via command posts themselves if you want to grant your production buildings with improved clearance at the cost of researching the same upgrade individually.

Units/Structures Unlocked
Boot Camp Armor Facility Airbase Seaport
Tanya* Athena Cannon Century Bomber Aircraft Carrier
Mirage Tank

Harbinger Gunship*

FutureTank X-1*
*= Uprising only, requires defense bureau

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