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McBurger Kong is a common fast-food chain in the United States. The restaurants are easily identified by a giant gorilla figure and a hamburger perched on their roofs. Almost every town in America has one. The franchise also has branches in Australia where it is known as McRoo Burger.

During combat, these restaurants can be garrisoned by infantry units like most other civilian structures, but offer less protection than the common office building.


  • The chain restaurant is an obvious parody of real-life fast food franchises McDonald's and Burger King, and the "Kong" in its name is a reference to King Kong.
    • McRoo is a nod to Hungry Jack's (which is what Burger King is called in Australia) in that it is the same chain with a different name in the country.
  • If one destroys one of these restaurants, it will explode similarly to the V3 Rocket Launcher's supply block of rockets. Also, if it is weakened enough, the gorilla on the roof will suddenly change pose.


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