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TS Medic Icons.gif
Field Medic
Internal name MEDIC
Affiliation TS GDI logo.png Global Defense Initiative
Role Support infantry
Protection Combat suit
Tier 1
Tech level 4
Hit points 125
Armor type None
Cost $600
Produced by Barracks
Ground attack -50 (Organic)
Cooldown 80
Speed 4
Attack range 2.83
Sight range 6
Abilities Healing

Medics are unarmed GDI infantry units, whose sole role is supporting other soldiers. They appeared during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


Medics possess advanced medical training in order to effectivelly treat their fellow soldiers. They are equipped with regular GDI combat suits with a characteristically painted helmet and a well equipped medikit in order to treat even the most terrible wounds.

Unfortunately, they are unable to defend themselves, as they are completely unarmed, and their body armour is lacking.

Game unit

Medics function mostly identically to their counterparts in the first Red Alert. They can target a single friendly infantry unit to restore most of its health. The healing ability is fairly short-ranged and generally does not take place quickly enough to keep a soldier alive in the middle of combat, so the medic is mostly used to heal infantry after combat and reduce attrition from damage. Since infantry in Tiberian Sun are more durable and generally more effective than in Red Alert, this also makes the medic more useful. The Tiberian Sun medic also has the ability to regenerate up to half its health.

A unique ability of the medic is its "guard" ability; when a medic has been ordered to guard an area, any wounded infantry that come within a certain range of the medic will cause it to move toward the wounded soldier(s), sometimes even following them if they do not stop. The ability is done by either double clicking the medic or using the force attack command on an area.


When selected

  • Medic reporting!
  • Yes, sir?
  • Awaiting orders!

When moving

  • Affirmative!
  • Acknowledged!
  • Movin' out!

When ordered to heal

  • Stat!
  • Clear!
  • Give me some room!


Due to the burden they have, Medics were employed in armouries by the time of the Third Tiberium War. Medical supplies that can be administered immediately are now distributed freely to the experienced soldier in the battlefield. Medics can now treat even wounds dealt by Scrin weaponry.


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