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For the Tiberian Dawn version, see Medium tank (Tiberian Dawn). For the Red Alert 1 version, see Medium tank (Red Alert 1).

The medium tank was the GDI main battle tank during the First Tiberium War. It possesses moderate firepower and speed.


The GDI medium tank comes equipped with a heavy-caliber barrel and moderate armor. It is less maneuverable than the Nod light tank, but has more firepower. The medium tank greatly resembles the Abrams tank.


In-game, the medium tank is able to perform maneuvers that are quick for its weight. More importantly, its main gun can be used as a anti-aircraft weapon as it can conveniently adjust its angle of elevation so that it points upwards into the air up to a certain limit, which can become a potential killzone against low-flying aircraft like Apaches and transport helicopters. Moreover, the main gun can easily one shot most infantry.


The medium tank is the middle child of the tank family. It is slower than the Nod light tank and is not as heavily armed as the Mammoth, but it is a solid jack-of-all-trades vehicle. The medium tank does good damage to infantry, vehicles, and buildings alike.

Medium tanks are commonly used in multiplayer to mount a siege into the enemy base as a large group. Of course, this would require engineers and Hotwires to keep the tanks alive. Medium tanks can survive one-on-one head on combat with most Nod ground vehicles. However, it is wise to keep distance from flame tanks.


A group of anti-tank infantry can take on a medium tank, as along as it is not being accompanied by engineers or Hotwires. Consider employing snipers to pick off the supporting infantry.


  • In the Renegade multiplayer and the fan remake Renegade X, players often refer to the medium tank as "med" or "medtank".


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