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The Medusa was a Tier 3 Nod support unit used during the Ascension Conflict.


It is armed with an anti-structure Flux Beam and a medium range EMP missile. Its secondary ability is the Solidify Matrix, which repairs all units around the Medusa. It can be upgraded with Amplification Overrides, which increases the damage of the Flux beam and adds a slowing effect, gives the EMP missile a larger radius and longer EMP, and increases the damage repaired by the Solidify Matrix.

Game unit

Unfortunately, the Medusa is slow, but it can, however, cause a great deal of damage to enemy structures. The Medusa can repair allies, but is unable to fully restore them. Although this unit can target enemy air units, it is not very effective compared to the other units available in the support arsenal. Consequently, it should be escorted by other units, notably anti-air and anti-ground units. Due to its weak armour, it is weak against laser weaponry. This makes the Paladin the top priority to avoid whilst in battle without proper support.

Unlike its GDI counterpart, the Archangel, the Medusa can actually attack and its weapon causes continuous blast type of damage. It is one of two blast units in the game that can attack air units (the other being the High Confessor of the Nod Defense Class). This weapon also reduces the speed and dodge abilities of enemies so the Nod Support Class players should use it as combined with other units. Its unique weapon causes very low amounts of damage, so it should not be sent to battles alone.

It has two other nasty stings: EMP rocket and "Solidify Matrix" abilities. EMP rocket birefly disables targeted area. Solidify Matrix ability sends a wave of energy from the Medusa, repairing the units around.

The tier 3 upgrade, Amplification overrides, further enhances its primary weapon and abilities.


Using the Flux cannon with the Demoralize support power may give outstanding results.

Using it against Crawlers may make them more susceptible to Subterranean strikes or Vein detonations. It will also slow them down, as well as Spanners, reducing the dodge of Sheppard tanks as well. Also, consider pairing it with 2 or 3 Leviathans when assaulting an enemy Crawler - the Medusa's slowing effect combined with 2 Leviathan's passive buffs and the Medusa's Solidify Matrix can all overlap, making the Leviathans extremely hard to destroy and easier for their shots to hit the enemy Crawler. These hints may be an advantage in late games.

The Medusa can also be paired with 3 or 4 Basilisks to rapidly annihilate enemy Kodiaks.

The Flux Beam is a directed energy weapon of an unspecified type that deals Blast damage, effective against structures. The Flux Beam can be used against both ground and air targets.


  • According to the Worldbuilder, it was originally called the Polarizer.
  • The Medusa was referred to as the Gorgon in the profile of the Titan Mk. II. This is also reflected in the name of the achievement, Blood of the Gorgon, which requires repairing 5000 damage with Medusas.

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