i should have word from EA about the AMERICAN wapons in teh cnc world very soon

even if the USA didnt design them all we sure as heck helped to produce them thats just common sence. but to the guy from europe i had issues with i formally appologise i was up very very late and was in a bad mood

hopefully we can be firends or something ok

please im me on msn some time ok

hope to hear from ya ok

Welcome to the CNC Wiki! Edit

Welcome to the CNC Wiki! I hope you enjoy this website. Oh can you please help edit these websites? I have been doing all of this.

Help! Edit

Help! I need you to help edit these websites! Help! Please? Together we can figure out a way to make this website a better website. (Reference from Killian when she objects Kane telling Nod to stand down to the Scrin.)


here is my yahoo one

and here is my MSN one

i really look forward to hearing from some of u cnc fans, some of u i already consider firends of a sort. sincerly cory

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