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TS Meteor Storm Icons

A Meteor shower is when some meteors form together to create a shower of rocks in space zooming around or coming straight down towards a planet in the solar system. This only appeared in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun during the missions Reinforce Phoenix Base and Escort The Bio-toxin Trucks, and the Firestorm mission The Cyborgs are Coming as well as the skirmish map, Tiberium Garden Redux.

Tiberian Sun[]

GDI forces under Michael McNeil spotted two bridges and were choosing which one to go onto. One of these two bridges had to go straight towards the Nod base. As the GDI forces attempt to cross the bridge to the south-east, a meteor shower destroyed the bridge sending whatever forces to their deaths in the water or by the meteors and can either be GDI or Nod on it. With the Brotherhood's reinforcements unable to cross it, the GDI division crossed the bridge and destroyed the Nod base to the north-east with the victory of killing the Nod Commander at Phoenix Base when it was recaptured by GDI.