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For other aircraft of the same name, see MiG.
CNCG MiG Cameo.png
Generals MiG.jpg
Affiliation China.gif China
C inf.png Shin Fai
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
China.gif Leang
Role Multi-role fighter
Armament 2 napalm missiles (standard configuration)
Hit points 160 (200 with MiG Armor)
Armor type Airplane Armor
  • $1200 ($1080 with Oil Refinery)
  • $1400 (General Tao) ($1260 with O.R.)
  • $1600 (General Kwai) ($1440 with O.R.)
Produced by Chinese airfield
Hotkey G
Ground attack 75 (Jet Missile, Explosion with Black Napalm)
Air attack 75 (Jet Missile, Explosion with Black Napalm)
Cooldown 300
Air speed 160
Attack range 320 (minimum 80)
Sight range 200-300
Gen1 Black Napalm Icons.png
Black Napalm
Gen1 MiG Armour Icons.jpg
MiG Armor
Abilities A squadron of 4 MiGs can create a firestorm when attacking a target in quick succession
Tactical fighter reporting!
- MiG reporting for duty

The MiG was China's multirole fighter for the 21st century, armed with two napalm missiles that could be used effectively against ground targets or locked onto air targets.


We defend China's airspace.
- MiG pilot patrolling the nation's boundaries

To remain competitive against potential enemy air forces China purchased advanced aircraft technology from Russia.

Chinese weapons experts then worked further on unique designs, resulting in the Chinese MiG. Fast and agile, MiGs could be deployed early in a conflict from airfields. Groups of MiGs could create firestorms by all attacking the same target. They could also target aircraft, but with little effect (as napalm simply pour down from hit aircraft with little damage).

Some generals equipped their MiGs with different payloads. General Tsing Shi Tao's MiGs had uranium missiles, which could be upgraded. General Tao's nuclear MiGs, although normally only encountered later in a battle, were very dangerous, packing firepower similar to the Nuke Cannon artillery. They were formidable against almost anything, although a number of accidents occurred when nuclear MiGs attacked other aircraft, then flew straight into the blast.

To compensate for the lack of ejection seats (slightly), China opted to not install countermeasures on their aircraft, but instead chose to develop advanced armor plating instead.


Tactical Nuke MiG - available for General Tsing Shi Tao only. General Tsing's MiGs had radiation-tipped missiles by default, not napalm missiles. With this upgrade (from the Nuclear Missile Silo) his MiGs had missiles with critical mass, giving them a small nuclear explosion. The "Nuke-MiG" is far more devastating against vehicles and infantry, but didn't create a Fire Storm, which is more useful in some situations.


MiG armor upgrade is complete!
- MiG pilot talking about the armor upgrade
Gen1 Black Napalm Icons.png
Black Napalm Upgraded MiGs' napalm missiles with more potent napalm. Developed at the China War Factory for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 MiG Armour Icons.jpg
MiG Armor Upgraded MiGs' armor. Developed at the China Airfield for a cost of $1000.

Game unit


This is restricted airspace!
- MiG pilot, never a big fan of trespassing hostiles

Individually, MiGs lacked the firepower to cause significant damage against heavily armored targets. However, working in groups MiGs excelled at torching several enemy units at once by creating a huge firestorm. This required four MiGs to fire all eight of their napalm missiles at the same location, but were just as deadly as the ones created by Inferno Cannon artillery.

Better yet, firing 16 missiles makes a firestorm so large, that even an armored vehicle would dismember and melt before it was fully engulfed in the flames! 12 MiGs make storms so huge, an entire Overlord Tank can be completely engulfed, and most likely turned into steel soup. The fact that MiGs could be deployed so early in a conflict worked to China's advantage, as they could use MiGs to take out vulnerable supply units and buildings before sufficient anti-aircraft defense had been established.

Not even Stinger Sites can take them down easily when the MiG's have the Black Napalm upgrade.


MiG going down!
- An unfortunate MiG

One could argue that an ability to create a self-sustaining firestorm was a major flaw, although the sheer destructiveness of the warheads coupled with the long-term effects of the radiation more than compensated for this.

Like their American counterparts, MiGs generally suffered somewhat from poor armour. Squads of missile armed infantry were still dangerous (but they ran a risk of being cooked if spotted by the MiG pilot), but not as much of a threat as anti-aircraft vehicles like the Quad Cannon. US Air Force General Malcolm 'Ace' Granger's King Raptors can easily outclass the MiG and instantly destroy most, if not all of the MiG's fired missiles with its point defense laser module. Standard USA Raptors also took their toll on MiGs unless severely outnumbered.


General Tsing Shi Tao only. Although the Black Napalm upgrade is seen next to the MiG's cameo, and highlighted when Black Napalm upgrade is complete, the upgrade does not make the MiG more powerful. This has been corrected in later patches.

Promotion for MiGs is fairly difficult, although easier for General Tao's MiGs, because a MiG can only be promoted if a unit or structure is destroyed upon impact of its missile(s), which are somewhat mediocre by themselves; if a unit or structure is destroyed by the resulting inferno, the MiG will not receive promotion, no matter how many kills the MiG has achieved in this manner. Since General Tao's MiGs, upon receiving the Tactical Nuke MiG upgrade, deal more damage upon impact, promotion is made easier.


Selected Quotes

Tactical fighter reporting.
- When emerging from the Airfield
Aircraft standing by.
- When selected
MiG in flight.
- When selected
China's air force.
- When selected
We defend China's airspace.
- When selected
Strapped in and ready.
- When selected
Altering course.
- When moving
MiG en route.
- When moving
Setting new course.
- When moving
Heading confirmed.
- When moving
Copy that
- When moving
Attacking ground forces!
- When ordered to attack
Enemy on the ground!
- When ordered to attack ground targets
Target's location confirmed!
- When ordered to attack ground targets
Tracking target!
- When ordered to attack ground targets
This is restricted airspace!
- When ordered to attack air targets
Enemy identified!
- When ordered to attack air targets
In pursuit!
- When ordered to attack air targets
They are trespassing!
- When ordered to attack air targets
Engaging the enemy!
- When ordered to attack air targets
- When being shot down
- When being shot down
MiG going down!
- When being shot down
I've been hit!
- When being shot down
*panting* It's hot, IT'S HOT!
- When being shot down
I'll need a landing strip!
- When run out of fuel
Get me down before it's too late!
- When run out of fuel
Where is the airfield?
- When run out of fuel
Combat air patrol on-station.
- When ordered to patrol
Initiating air patrol.
- When ordered to patrol
We will defend this airspace!
- When ordered to patrol
MiG armor upgrade is complete!
- When the MiG Armor upgrade is complete


  • The ingame MiG roughly resembles the actual MiG-1.44. Designed by the MiG (Mikoyan Guverich or simply Mikoyan) Design Bureau, it was an experimental prototype as part of Russia's 5th generation jet fighter programme to counter the American F-22A Raptor.
  • China instead opted to use the larger Russian Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker' and the domestic J-10 as part of its modernization program. The Chinese air force consists of both Russian-made Su-27/Su-30 and Chinese-made Shenyang J-11s based on the Su-27. It is believed that China would independently develop its own 5th generation fighter based on the design of the Flanker and/or domestic J-10 technology. The Chinese J-20 prototype was flight tested in January 2011 and is believed to be China's answer to America's F-22, although it is essentially still a concept model rather than a true stealth fighter. The Russians have also dropped the MiG in favor of the Sukhoi PAK-FA, which is currnetly undergoing state tests and will enter service in the Russian Aerospace Force in 2017. However, the MiG Aircraft Corporation has recently revealed that it is already develpoing another fifth-generation fighter aircraft on the basis of the MiG-1.44.
  • The Chengdu J-20 fifth-generation fighter is very similar to the MiG in the game as they both have canards, delta wings and two tails. Incidentally, the J-20 may also be partially based on the MiG 1.44.
  • Alternatively, it could also be based on Chengdu J-10, especially considering the first serial plane of this type took off on 28th of June 2002. The J-10's prototype is even colored the same way as MiG in the game.

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