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It's time to hit back... Make it happen.
- Michael Dugan, before the Soviet invasion against the US(src)

Michael Dugan was the President of the United States during the first and the second iterations of the Third World War.


Third World War

Prior to the Third World War, Dugan helped Alexander Romanov assume premiership of the Soviet Union as an Allied-friendly puppet leader. Dugan himself was elected as President of the US. When the Soviet Union attacked the United States, Dugan attempted to persuade Romanov to call off the attack. When this failed the President ordered a nuclear counterstrike, but the counterstrike failed to materialize due to Yuri's manipulation.[1]

Early in the war Soviet forces captured Washington, D.C. and built a Psychic Beacon near the White House. Most of the population in the area, including Dugan and General Ben Carville, were brought under Soviet mind control. During this time, the brainwashed Dugan called upon Americans to accept Soviet rule. Unaffected Allied forces counterattacked quickly, and the Psychic Beacon in D.C. was destroyed and a liberated Dugan was evacuated to Canada.[2][3]

New Allies

The Europeans had been avoiding involvement in the war but the Soviet nuclear attack on Chicago gave Dugan the opening to secure European aid. The President agreed to dispatch Agent Tanya to neutralize the Soviet nuclear threat in Europe, and in so doing secured European support. He also authorised the development and deployment of Professor Einstein's Prism towers in Allied strongholds in the US.[4]

Dugan returned to the US with the recapture of the capital.[5]

On the offensive

The Allies were in the process of liberating the rest of the continental United States from the Soviets. He pulled the Allied commander out of Hawaii and directed him to liberate St. Louis, the heart of the US mainland.[6]

When General Carville was killed by a suicide bomber,[7] Dugan promoted the same commander as head of the Allied military and charged him with the chrono invasion of Moscow to end the war. When Romanov was imprisoned Dugan invited the commander to a victory gala at the White House.[8]

Psychic Dominator Disaster

Crisis continued to mar Dugan's presidency with victory over the Soviet Union being quickly usurped by the appearance of Psychic Dominators. Dugan offered Yuri a presidential pardon and leadership over the Soviet Union in return for peace. When this failed Dugan personally ordered an airstrike against the Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz Island.[9] The strike managed only to disable the device's power supply but this gained enough time for an Allied team to travel back to the beginning of the Third World War and forestall Yuri's plans.

Dugan attended the summit in London, England to ratify the peace treaty with the Soviet Union.[10]

It is unknown what became of Dugan after Anatoly Cherdenko used the Soviet time machine to erase Albert Einstein from history and inadvertently start a new Third World War. As Howard T. Ackerman is the President of the United States in the new timeline, one can assume Dugan never rose to the rank of President like he did in the original timeline.


Dugan's most outstanding characteristic was his sense of optimism. He was rarely known to jump to negative conclusions, even when the circumstances were dire. When General Ben Carville first informed him of the coming Soviet invasion, referring to it as a "situation," Dugan's first response was "how bad can it be, Ben?" Dugan then demonstrated the same optimism when he contacted Russian Premier Romanov, kindly asking him "what's going on over there, Alex?" It was only when Dugan received printed intel of the coming invasion that he finally showed anger, accusing Romanov (justly) of breaking their Alliance without provocation. Dugan showed similar patience and good feeling when Yuri announced his intent to enslave mankind, offering the madman a free pardon if he agreed to stop his Psychic Dominators from activating, even offering him a leadership role in the postwar Soviet government. He swiftly took action however when Yuri continued his plans, completely unfazed by Dugan's offers.

Dugan was not naive however. While he was slow to take violent action, this was due to peaceful character, not ignorance. He would take violent action if necessary, but only when all peaceful channels were rendered unusable.

Selected quotes

Red Alert 2

I have, um... you're throwing everything you've got at us, Alex. We're supposed to be allies, you maniac! I'm the one that put you into office!
- Michael Dugan, to Alexander Romanov(src)
I don't give a wooden nickel about your legacy!
- Michael Dugan, to Alexander Romanov(src)
I never wanted to send in you against our own citizens. But those Psychic Beacons are turning our upstanding Americans into Soviet-controlled killers. Move fast, move wisely, and try not to hurt my constituents. Alright?
- Michael Dugan to the Allied Commander(src)
He served his country well; a proud American. I know Carville would've been proud to know that you have succeeded him as Commander-General of the Allied forces. General, we need you to take us the rest of the way. Next stop, the Kremlin. Agent Tanya now wants to find a way to move into the Kremlin and find Romanov, who will pay for all of the millions of innocent lives he took. Remember, we're still outnumbered three to one. So, we march everyone we can through the Chronosphere in the Keys. Once they appear in Russia, they're all yours Commander. Take the Kremlin, Commander. Let's end this war.
- Michael Dugan to the Allied Commander at Carville's funeral(src)

RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
We now ask for your help. The United States was Romanov's first target. Join our fight, or we will not be his last.
- Michael Dugan, calling help from the European Allies(src)
Listen to me, you Soviet scum. You can root around all you want. But you'll never find me, and you'll never take me. You call yourself a general? Hahaha! We're laughing at you, red!
- Michael Dugan, taunting the Soviet Commander in San Antonio(src)

Yuri's Revenge

Yuri... Yuri, Yuri... The war is over. Can't we all just get along? What if I was to give you a full presidential pardon? Your country needs a leader, it could be you.
- Michael Dugan, bargaining with Yuri(src)
My God. That maniac's really going to do it. May God help us all.
- Michael Dugan, on the activation of the Psychic Dominators(src)
You don't want the Vice President running the country, do you?
- Michael Dugan, to the Allied Commander at the London meeting(src)


Behind the scenes

  • Dugan was played by Ray Wise. Incidentally, he would later portray U.S. President Hal Gardner in the hit FOX TV series 24.
  • His first line in Yuri's Revenge is "What the Devil!?". He later went on to play the devil in the hit series Reaper.
  • Michael Dugan could be based on Richard Nixon, who was the 37th President of the United States in office from 1969-1974.
  • The appearance and name of Dugan could be inspired by the real life Michael Dugan, who was briefly the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force in the 1990s.


His walking animation in Yuri's Revenge when spawned by something makes him "moonwalk" or spin around while moving.

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