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Microwave weapons cleared for battle.
- Microwave Tank leaving the War Factory

The Microwave Tank is an advanced support tank introduced by the USA in the latter stages of the conflict.


Microwave emitters ready.
- Microwave Tank awaiting orders

By focusing a microwave beam on enemy buildings the Microwave Tank can disable them. Using the same technique it can also clear buildings garrisoned by the enemy. When on the move it generates a microwave field, burning enemy infantry in the vicinity.


Wave generators activated.
- Microwave Tank going in to disable enemy building
Gen1 Scout Drone Icons.png
Scout Drone The Scout Drone increases the vehicle's sight range and reveals nearby stealth units. Costs $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons.png
Battle Drone The Battle Drone is armed with a small machine gun, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Costs $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons.png
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fires a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Costs $500.

Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armor.


Gen1 Composite Armour Icons.png
Composite Armour This upgrade improves the armor of each Microwave tank. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $2000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training Allows Microwave tanks, along with all other USA units, to gain experience twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500

Game unit

The microwave tank is often used in lieu of artillery to disable enemy defensive structures, thus allowing other units to move in and finish the job. In addition, it can be used to disable certain important buildings (e.g. Arms Dealers and even Superweapons) during base assaults, and clear garrisoned buildings from a distance. Microwave tanks are also immune to Hijackers, since their microwave field is going to cook enemy infantry, however, the Microwave tank is unable to use this field while disabling structures.

The tank is useless against enemy vehicles. A Hellfire drone escort can act as a minor deterrent, adding a little anti-vehicle firepower. Although it is sufficiently armored to survive small arms fire relatively unscathed, tanks and missiles can quickly dispatch it. Rocket-armed infantry is also a threat, due to its longer range.



  • Well support artillery unit
  • Microwave field can burn infantry, even those garrisoned on buildings
  • Deadly against heroes
  • Reasonable speed
  • Microwave beam can out-range and stop base defenses
  • Microwave beam can prevent key structures to do any activities


  • Helpless against vehicles
  • Microwave beam does not harm the targeted structure
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Fragile

Selected Quotes

Microwave weapons cleared for battle.
- When emerging from the War Factory
Power coupling optimized.
- When selected
HPM vehicle standing by.
- When selected (HPM stands for High-Powered Microwave)
Wavelengths calibrated.
- When selected
Microwave emitters ready.
- When selected
Modulating pulse width.
- When moving
Adjusting systems for transport.
- When moving
Moving wave generators.
- When moving
Maintaining wavelength integrity.
- When moving
Target location set.
- When moving
Escalating energy pulse.
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison
Wave generators activated.
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison
Initiating microwave surge.
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison
Frequencies amplified.
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison
Broadcasting energy field.
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison
Cook 'em!
- When ordered to disable building or clear garrison



  • The Microwave Tank is mentioned twice in the introduction script - first as the Microwave Tank, and then again, with the exact same description, as the "Warlock Tank". The introduction also mentions that it can disable units, which it can't do in the final version (this change was most likely made to differentiate it from the ECM tank).
  • An alternate version of the Microwave Tank selection picture (as shown above) exists within the game files. It was possibly the icon for the tank's cut ability to disable vehicles, or an unused special variant for one of the USA Generals.
  • The Microwave Tank looks similar to the Russian MT-LBu artillery observation vehicle.
  • The principles behind this vehicle is similar to the real-life Active Denial System developed by the US Military.
  • Friendly infantry standing around the Microwave tank are somehow immune to being fried by the tank's microwave field.

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