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MidEast Crisis is a total conversion for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour developed by Isotx Studios . The mod features two playable factions Israel and Syria in a hypothetical modern war setting.

This is a non-political, non-biased mod, where no party is good nor evil. Both factions have their own unique arsenal and abilities.

MidEast Crisis also contains a new gameplay element where you battle for key locations. Enormous efforts have been made to provide an authentic feel to the project, including the traveling of several team members to Israel to record authentic Israeli and Arab voices and audio samples.

Accompanied by a soundtrack, which was recorded in a professional recording studio, MidEast Crisis is all about atmosphere.


sequel mod was released on 22 February 2009 for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars simply known as Mideast Crisis 2 ; Set in the near future letting you use modern technology (such as the Abrams, F-35 and Hind) alongside future technology (such as Drones, Airships and Nanoseeds) in a conflict ranging from Jerusalem to Beirut. Following the screaming success of the original Mideast Crisis, ISOTX teamed up with Derelict Studios to release a sequel worthy of the name.


An expansion mod was released on August 17, 2009 called A Global Crisis created by user Abra  It adds Syria and Israel from the Mideast Crisis mod along with the original Zero Hour Factions with updated unit models and new units, and the newest feature of this mod is the addition of the United Nations as a playable faction using General Leang as the General of the UN.

The mod allows the player to use these factions in Generals Challenge mode, as well as in traditional skirmish.

(Note: The UN General does not have AI script thus the player will not be able to fight against the UN General in Skirmish mode, but is fully playable in Generals Challenge)






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